Friday, May 22

Amethyst Cal...starting soon

A new Amethyst Cal about to start...something to wear and something for everyone 
Summer top, short sleeve top wrap or scarf in Cotton/silk and cotton yarns

 A 2 round Granny in 2, 5 or 12 colours, a summer sun top, a short sleeve top and a wrap pattern will be covered in the next couple of months...hopefully something for everyone
above 2 or 5 colour combination

below a 12 colour combination

Happy Hooking

Wednesday, May 20

Stylecraft Alpaca coat grows slowly...

I've managed with a heavy work load for May to add a few more squares to my new coat
its going to be a slow process but I won't want it until next Autumn Winter...

 I rather like the back of the piece too...

 Im also thinking I might add a flower to the back of it for decoration?...
Early days yet.
 1 Finger x 10 wraps

 16 sc
 2dc in each st
 ch loops of 2ch sts

 corners of 3dc ch2 3dc,
 sides of 2sc in 2 ch spa

 join as you go with a sl st in matching sps,

 Happy Hooking

Saturday, May 9

Alpaca flowers and a new Alpaca coat to start..

I love Alpaca so I'm going to make a new coat /jacket in the same Motif Design as my old coat but in Alpaca

This time I think I might make it a jacket though...maybe? 

Alpaca and a 5mm hook
US Terms

ch4 sl st, into a circle 
Round 1: 16dc into circle, sl st to complete round (16sts) 
Round 2: 2dc in each st, sl st to complete round (32sts) 
Round 3: sc in any space ch3, sc in next sp, repeat to end, sl st, to complete (16 chain loops) 
Round 4: Start in any chain space,* 2dc, ch2, 2dc,corner, ch1, 2sc, ch1, in next 3, 2ch sp,* repeat from * to * 3 more times (4corners and 4 sides)

 link to Pattern HERE for above flower

Friday, May 8

Stylecraft Special DK Brights...New Crochet sample Flowers

 Have you ever bought a ball of yarn and found it far too bright for your project?
 Then make some simple padded circles in the brights and add a dark grey a treat 

I'm making a throw with mine...adding a few flowers when I have time.
But it might make a great wrap too.


Thursday, May 7

New Mac so I'm back to blogging again

 Just for a change....a few paper flowers I have made to share