Friday, May 30

Granny Squares 2......colour and shape

Thank you for all the congratulations on the new book, it is well on it's way, after 4 months of planning, deciding and playing with ideas from the last twelve months,
plus quite a few new designs.
 In total I submitted about 80 designs and 2 different options of book for GMC to look at back in early February.
 They went for the 20 projects again, with may be the second option as book 3!!! wow i am going to be busy.

Not that the cover will be my decision but a fun project to play with.
I promise there will be lots and lots of colour and new shapes, 
I'm also hoping to include a few felted designs....I promised Vogue Crochet and Knitting I would try to include a couple of ideas.

The Title is still to be decided but the 20 projects are almost in the bag, they liked the 80 I sent and I was asked to pick my favourite 20 designs.
So now I am just waiting on the final go ahead from the GMC Team.
The Contract is signed and the work begins.......

Thursday, May 8

Mandala Madness....

It seems Mandalas are back in favour again...
The Fairisle Mandala I did in 2012 is still being used so I thought an update on other Mandalas I have done since 2012 would make a interesting post.

True Meaning of Mandala far more than just a circle!

 Always lots of new stitch combinations to use in the round....

I have a photo album of Mandalas on PINTEREST with some lovley designs some with patterns.
MANDALA CUSHION BACK HERE part 2 in fact a link to all the parts is on this post

 pictures below of the simple cushion back

 A secodn colourway

finished cushion back

 Fairisle Cushion Front below
Happy hooking x

Wednesday, May 7

American Vogue Knitting and Crochet!

 A couple of months back Kristina Sigler asked to do a small piece about me and my crochet felting I had come to her atention because of the first book and its success.
I can't tell you how excited  was when she wanted to do the piece for
Vogue Knitting and Crochet magazine....VOGUE, WOW WOW WOW!!!

It's a fabulous magazine with beautiful and innovative designs.
I was so thrilled to be asked....
Today the magazine arrived with the piece about me in it.....
I can't thank you enought Kristina for the lovley piece you have writen about me and
my crochet felting.
I'm even more than thrilled to read what you have writtten....thank you.
Me in Vogue how wonderful is that...such a dream come true.
These are a few of the pictures she had to pick from when she wrote the article

Monday, April 28


And I added 3 flowers as an option...I couldn't believe i needed to buy another ball of Rowan wool to finish the red cowl.
So i had a good look in all the bags of wool...and there it was a full Ball most of which is still left, but i finished the top row of edging and edged the bottom too
Finished for one of the challenges on Challenge 52 on Ravelry...
I'm really pleased with it and just as pleased I didn't need to buy another ball of
Rowan Aran to finish it off.

and I also finished a second cowl with the Challenge 52...
Well it's finished too...

The challenge was to finish an old project or unpick it...I unpicked one project and finished this cowl with some of the James C Brett Marble, using a small amount of a lime and aqua marble that blended into the lime i then added smaller pennies to the lime end of the cowl
i used a 5mm hook but the lime is a DK so it looser and slightly more open than the aqua which is a chunky.
I also have started two more projects with the unpicked project....
 Thanks to the Week 8 Challenge 52
Happy Hooking

Tuesday, April 15

A stripey Granny Square

A Stripey Granny Square as a throw with a black and white border
below pixilate and you could make a huge double bed throw....with the colour chart below
As a floor cushion

Or as a sofa cushion?

Happy Hooking

Monday, April 14

Noro Cowl....almost finished

After finishing Eric's seat cover I moved onto this block stitch stripe red Noro Cowl....
so annoying I ran out of the plain red with just about 12" to do...
 If  I've got to buy a new ball I will do the same finishing stitch to the bottom too..

2 WIP finished this weekend...two to tick off the list
Eric got his new blanket I finished it on Saturday

Thursday, April 10

Eric's Blanket progress....

Added 21 it is big enough, just need to add a 6" border to the throw to cover all of the seat
Lettuce thinks it perfect too, left it for just a few minutes and she took up residence lol
 Just big enough
 it needed 21 extra squares to fit the back seat of Eric.
Start the border tonight I think...

Monday, April 7

Granny Square stool covers

Colourful fun time stool cover....with a favourite black and white box band..

Balck and white always adds a zing for me...


Saturday, April 5

Creating the perfect dc circle....

A promised tutorial for someone on FACEBOOK....
DK, 4mm hook, US Terms
Creating the perfect dc circle
I have done it in quick pic tutorial style so for those who are new to crochet and learning you can copy and print, or just copy to you computer for reference.


 Some yarns and depending on your own tension, at some point usually around rows 5 or 6 the circle will stat to become angular....all you need to do to keep it circular is the stagger the 2dc increase back and forth so that it isn't in the same place for each row....
or eventually it will stop being a circle and become a twelve sided shape called a dodecagon

 Similar principles apply to a circle with a hole in the centre...start with 16dc into the magic circle and the double it for the next round, and then add 16sts each round and so on...
Hope that helps beginners at circles
Happy Hooking

Wednesday, April 2

Red Berry.....Challenge 52, Ravelry

In the week I came across this weekly challenge for crocheters from 
A weekly challenge for all you crocheters out there wanting to be challenged a little each join in as often as you can and post your pictures on Ravelry 
On my iPad at the moment and for some reason I can't work out how to add pictures from it
From Facebook and Ravelry it's so easy but on stumps me completely.
So as soon as I boot up the laptop I will add the link picture
but for now take a peek you might enjoy the challenge.


The link to the first posting about Challenge 52
Check it out to see what you need to do.
Started to do the challenges added everyone who has joined up to my blog roll and I've learnt something new...great fun
Challenge 52 wk 5 learn a new stitch
Challenge52 wk 3 A Flower
Other challenges are to create a crochet folder and who taught you to crochet?
Lots of different challenges to try.
Have fun