06 March 2012

BEEN PLAYING...and now l am very late

Just a quick post as I have been playing with an idea...and I am so late
I made a few more giant flowers, went to photograph them on the stained glass throw...other is still only a small sample
Brupbrup held it all down for me...

would it make a blanket for our bed..6'x6' plus sides too?

Haven't got time now to try but I think it would work what do you think?
need to clear the craft room table and lay them all out tomorrow
mean while I added the Kirsty Project (too hand) and laid them along side the giant flowers

I am so so late now.......

Enjoy your day hugs x


  1. Sue, hope you got some sleep. Love the flowers, a blanket sounds perfect. You kitty looks so cute helping you out. Sweet dreams,

  2. There are so many lovely different styles of flowers there i can't believe it ;-) They are all gorgeous. Hope you have had a good day and have managed a little time for yourself. dee x

  3. que bonito!!!!!me encanta todo el colorido!!!!!

  4. simply love your flowers Sue!!

  5. I think that they would make a gorgeous blanket. Inspired! Best wishes, Pj x

  6. I just love all those flowers, you've been having a colourful ball! How's the book coming along? How on earth do you find the time?!

    1. Zinnia...slowly! lol, not all my fault but thanks for reminding me.
      My head has been buried in the sand a bit I think

      Going to have to take a blog break and really get down to it, you are right I can't do it all...fear and self doubt not good emotions right now hey?
      So total commitment is the order of the day