06 November 2012


All of us that crochet know that this rainbow of colour is on trend don't we?

Pantone prediction for Spring 2013...

Softer, chalkier versions of the rainbow, all my favourites, what about you?

Have a terrific Tuesday Everyone x

1 comment:

  1. I love all these spring 2013 trends for colour, Sue. GORGEOUS! I have a soft spot for the ones on the left: Emerald, Jade, dusk blue (yum!), tender shoots and African Violet. I know that Lemon Zest will freshen them up, linen will link then all discreetly, nectarine will give some quiet warmth, Monaco Blue will give depth and Poppy Red a bit of oompf!
    Does that mean they're all my favourites?! Sounds like it!!!