26 March 2013

CROCHET: Week 12: Granny...a square in a sq in a sq.

So many ideas my hands can't work fast enough.

Week 12: Granny Square With a Difference.

Eventually decided it would be this one......

A simple granny square start, 
but a change from the traditional granny by moving the corner point to the side and 
back again on the next round.
It can be made in 3/4 colours or lots of different colours
Have fun.

with a difference
USA terms in black, UK terms in red brackets 
DK and a 4mm hook
Aran and a 5mm hook

Ch4, sl st into a circle or do a magic circle or a 1finger wrap of 4 wraps.
Round 1start this granny square with ch 5, this will put the ch2 as the first dc  [tr], at the end of the granny shells and not at the beginning, 
I think it disappears better than at the beginning and it makes the
 sl st to complete, easier

3dc [3tr], into the circle,

ch 3, 3dc [3tr], into circle, ch3, 3dc [3tr], into the circle,

ch3, 2dc [2tr], into the circle
sl st into the 5ch loop and the stitch finds it's own level.
and as the ch2 replacement for the dc [tr], is now at the end and not at the beginning it doesn't stand out as much in your work.

Round 2: att. next colour yarn in any corner
miss a st, 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr], into the next st, 
that's the middle st on the side.
sl st into the second corner.
Repeat on all sides, sl st into the first st.
Round 3: att. yarn in any corner sp.
3tr, [dtr], into the space on the one side of the sl st, of round 2 ch3,
for the other half of the shell, do 3tr [3dtr], into the space the other side of the sl st of round 2,
sc [dc], in the corner
repeat for all four sides
sl st into the first st to complete round.
these squares can be joined together at this stage or...
 ROUND 4: add a round of dc [tr].....
2dc [2tr], ch3 2dc [2tr], in any corner sp, 1dc [1tr] in the next 3sts, 1dc [1tr] either side of the sc [dc], 1dc [1tr] also in the sc [dc], 1dc [1tr] in the next 3 sts, repeat for all sides (13dc [13tr], each side)
 and then join them together.
need to do another round
ROUND 5: repeat round 4 dc (tr), in each st with 2dc, (2tr, ch3, 2tr) in each corner
like this one below

A QUICK PIC TUTORIAL....for the first 3 rounds

Happy Hooking everyone x

Below as a possible blanket without the last round.



  1. Lovely granny with a new twist! I especially like the way you show projections of how your designs will look when worked up in quantity - it's very inspirational because I find it's not always easy to visualise how a design will work when multiplied. Love all your patterns - just need a few more hours in every day and night to try all I want to! E x

  2. Sue, you are brilliant.

  3. Such lovely grannies. Thank you for sharing them. Best wishes, Pj x

  4. I think the quick pic collages are a really good idea. I can save it on my iPad and the instructions are all there in one page.

    1. Hi yep great for the i pad and a quick over view
      Hugs x

  5. thank you i am going to teach my 24 yr old granddaughter how to crochet this will make it so much easier for her and me thanks for the creativity sincerely helen

    1. Hi wonderful hope she loves crochet...the best hobby ever, portable, pop it in your pocket or bag, can't be picked up in any five minutes you have, great for car journeys too, once you get going you could make a cushion front on a two hour journey lol.....can you tell I'm addicted? Lol
      Have fun
      Hugs xx

  6. Hi, I just found this site.
    I love it. Is their any way I can get the weeks I have missed?
    If not I understand. I love the Granny Square.
    Thanks so much,
    Bev in Ohio

    1. Hi Bev they are all their just click on the header and it will take you to the last post...bit behind with posting been starting a new subscription pattern site up, and you can find all the 12 weeks of free patterns by scrolling thought the blog..get to the bottom and on the right hand side it wil say olde posts
      Happy hooking