18 October 2015

PATTERN: Chrysanthemum Shopper

Chrysanthemum Shopper Pattern

One side and the other I used an extra few colours

Made with my version of a Suffolk Puff
A double layered circluar motif.
DK in several colours and in Black/Charcoal to finish.
4mm hook 

US Terms in black UK Terms in red brackets


Make 5 rows x 5 Chrysanthemums for each side and join as you go on the Charcoal Life last round, 50motifs in total.


A one finger wrap of 6 wraps

ROUND 1: 12 sc [12dc], into circle
 ROUND 2: Att, chrysanthemum colour in any stitch, 2tr [2dtr], in every st, sl st to complete. (24sts)

ROUND 3: This round is the back of the chrysanthemum and gives the double layer
crochet 1tr [1dtr] in every st but cluster every 2trtog, [2dtrtog],

 reducing the sts to the same size as the middle circle

 leave a long end, hand sew the stitches to the centre circle of the wrong side,
do not pull too tight.

 sew off end

ROUND 4: Att. Charcoal or background colour in any st, ch3, sc [dc], into next st, ch1 sc [dc], into next st repeat 3 more times, (5 x ch1 loops at sides ), in the corners ch3 and repeat for 4 sides
 Join as you go with using the 2nd ch st at the corners and the ch1 x 5 at the sides
join in 5 rows of 5 Chrysanthemums
then make the second side joining the same way but making a bag of the motifs start with a bottom corner and join the bottom row first then come up the bag joining as you go

I found that this number was a perfect size for a stool seat pad too
 ROUND 1: 2sc [2dc], in the first corner sp, 3sc [3dc], in each of the 5 ch1 sps, 2sc [2dc], in the last ch sp, in each of the 10 top edge motifs, sl st to complete. (190 sc [190dc] total)
 ROUND 2: 1sc [1dc], in every st, sl st to complete. (190sc [190dc])
 ROUND 3: Repeat round 2.....BUT miss a st at each dip of each motif, sl st to complete. (180sc [180dc])

NOTE: By missing a stitch at each dip you will keep the slightly wavy effect to the top of the bag.
STRAPS ROUND 1: Start in the middle of the second motif in from the right
att yarn, ch 70 (this can be lengthened if required), 

sc [dc]in st, in the middle of the 4th motif from the right.

NOTE: making sure you haven't twisted the long ch, 

sc [dc], in every st, of the next half motif, 2 complete motifs, and the next half motif, missing a st at each dip to keep the wavy effect, 

ch70 for the second strap, re-attach in the middle of the 4th motif from the right of the second side and repeat sc [dc],in every st missing a st at each dip. Until you reach the first 70ch st, sl st to complete

STRAPS ROUND 2: 1sc [1dc], in 70ch st, miss a st at the base of strap,

NOTE: Miss a st at the start and end of the strap as you do with the dips, so the change of angle lies flat .

sc in every st missing a st at dips, 1sc [1dc], in 70ch st of second strap, repeat to end, sc [dc], in every st, missing a st at each dip in motifs and at the start and end of each strap. sl st to complete sew in ends securely.

I Like the narrow straps but you could make them wider if your prefer
repeat STRAPS ROUND 2.

Alternative uses for the Chrysanthemum Motif
Throws or cushions?

A scarf perhaps with petals added?...
The Flower Scarf will be WEEK 5 pattern.

a necklace may be?

This motif could be used in many projects

even a mini purse in a scaled down version of 8 motifs
NEXT WEEK pattern 4: The GEM Necklace, and bracelet.

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