21 July 2012


Cushions it will be......

I just kept going with the blue/green one yesterday and now it is almost cushion size, 
I started a second one this morning in a different colour way.....thinking cushions?

The Sun arrived this morning so out came the garden furniture and cushions, 
the Mandalas will look great with the daisies and ripples.

August: First Free pattern.....
I will be doing a Mandala pattern and all about the yarns I have used, some time in the first week of August.
These first two are a bit hit and miss (free form) to get them to work,
 but I will try to work out a pattern that can be copied for those that want it.
Worked mostly in cotton and cotton mixes but Colourmart 100% Merino can be mistaken for cotton so ther is some of that in the mix because it was the right colour

need some circular cushion pads before deciding on size
DUNELM?..here I come

So much fun to make

hugs to all xx


  1. What a lovely colour-explosion! Great job!

  2. The cushions are so pretty - your work always is. :)

  3. those are gorgeous, and I love the structure of them! you are an inspiration once again!

  4. You are such a clever thing Sue! The colours are fab and perfect for bringing out the sunshine!!! x Jo

  5. Sue they are just wonderful, and you will thrill us all with a pattern. SO glad to see you have a bit of time to share with us in blog land, I for one have been missing you.

  6. Sue! The colors in the turquoise pillow are phenomenal! When I started to crochet, I was so naive in thinking that it was all about learning to use the hook itself. It's more a study in color and how they all work together! I've figured out the hook part but still struggle a bit with the colors! You've nailed it here! I'm in LOVE! Hugs, Annette

  7. ♥ wowwwwww
    hugs jenneke

  8. Parabéns para a artesã por estes lindíssimos trabalhos amo amo crochês