18 July 2012

Guess What?

I've got the day off lol
But do you know what?
All I want to do is play hooky.

What do you think this should be?
or this?

Yesterday I had a mail form the lovely Virginia at GMC Publications,
The last of the projects and the most valuable too, posted on Saturday on an Express24 service still hadn't arrived......PANIC OR WHAT?
All I could think about was having to remake the 4 projects in that parcel, one being a BIG double bed blanket.....nooooooo! 
I put the thought right out of my head AT ONCE.

I rang tracking today to find it was taking a short holiday at Gatwick..huh!
Not impressed, but it arrived safely mid afternoon today.
Some Express service that was.

Relief has put a smile on my face though.

Hugs to all xx


  1. Wow, that must be very stressful for you!
    Gladly it went out well.

    Funny that you want to crochet when you are not working on your book!

  2. What do they do with all your projects Sue? I take it they don't return them? Glad Mr Expresso Postie did his job -if a little slower than expected. x jo

  3. So glad it arrived safely! My heart was in my mouth when I was reading that!!

    Yes, do you get all your lovely projects back?