28 September 2012

Easy Crochet felted Flowers...

Crochet or knit,  then pop in the washer, couldn't be easier
before felting
after felting...

 think I prefer the double version I made back in 2009 with 8 petals 
Felted flower notes
Can't find the pattern for this exact flower but from the pictures I think the pattern should work
Filz-it Felting wool is the yarn I used for the big flowers.

Another unbranded one slightly finer felting wool for the smaller ones
 Filtz-it says 9mm Hook
Finer Wool, probably a 7mm hook

PATTERN for 8 petal flower

Chain 6, sl st into a circle
Round 1: 12 sc into circle sl st to complete round (12 sts)
Round 2: 2sc in each st. sl st to complete round (24 sts)

Round 3 petals: Change colour,  Ch 3, 1dc in first st, in second st, 2dc, in third st, 1dc,3 chain, sl st, into same st. (8 petals)

Sl st into 4st and repeat until you have 8 petals, sl st to complete round
wash in machine 40 degree wash
shape and dry
Layer flowers and add a large decorative, black button.


Happy Hooking x


  1. Love the felted flowers - gorgeous colours! I really need to give felting a go myself!

    1. You should makes for a fun project and lots of uses for the felted flowers or motifs

  2. Thanks for sharing this. They look really pretty when they've been felted. Unlike my step dad's mobile which didn't take to well to a spin in the machine. I love the colours of the double flowers.
    Ali x

  3. Oh! dear what happend to yur Dad's mobile then? lol doesn't sound good..off to see if you have blogged it

  4. Dear Sue I found your lovely blog today - it's a delight. So much colour and inspiration! Can you possibly point me in the direction of the pattern you used for your felted flowers, the 8 petal version? E x

    1. Hi, I couldn't find the pattern but from looking at the pictures I think the pattern above should work out ok
      A slightly flatter flower just do 1dc in the middle st of each petal instead of 2dc
      Have fun and let me know if it works out ok...if I can find the actual flowers I might be able to see if this is the pattern even though they are all felted. XX

    2. Have had a go at these and I am really pleased with them! They are now adorning my new hooky Christmas wreath. Thank you so much for the pattern. Can't tell you how much fun this first foray into felting has been. Hope you get some time for happy Christmas hooking as well as wall-papering, Sue! E x

  5. Dear Sue Thank you so very much for this. I'm going to try it! Spent my spare moments yesterday having a go at your other flower pattern, the Noo Noo blanket ones - fabulous big bright blooms to brighten grey November days! They've come out beautifully - thank you so much for sharing your inspirational patterns. Have a happy Friday! E x