21 September 2012

Hyperbolic Flowered Collar

They take a while to make but lots of fun combining textures together...
on clips so I can add as many or a few as I want
to the basic collar...


  1. Sue, THIS is a frilly girly ruffly crocheter lover's DREAM! I am crazy over this! I believe that I saw it once on Ravelry in the "early days" of my discovery of the Flower Bed blog... Which led me to all the other Sue Pinner Crochet Extraordinaire world! Is it too much, after all the free patterns you so graciously give us, to hope that there's a "general" pattern for this project? Even loosely termed would be great! Does something like that exist out there? Love hyperbolic crochet!

  2. Hi,,basically double your stitches in each row or even 3 sts in each st...depending on how frilly you want it all to be.
    Have fun xx