06 December 2012

Let's see it today is any easier?

Not too sure what had happened to my laptop for the last couple of days, I down loaded something and it seemed to take over Google Chrome so I deleted it and added Internet Explorer...not so easy to use all sorts of things disappeared and changed...this morning they all seem to be back again so lets see if I can add this post as before!
Eventually got the wallpapering done.....just two rolls but they have been lookig at me for months now
so far so good.....!
They hate each other and a scrap usually happened when Mr T pushed his luck, he can be a bit of a bully sometimes and Lettuce although big is timid and a good girl, she never used to fight back but wasn't going to put up with Mr T's bad behaviour so she packs a wallop now....Mr T will still try it on sometimes, but does give her a wider birth than before.
James weighted her the other day...a big cat and she weighs 1st 2lbs hehe a a big girl hey?
Put my hand out to get another ball of wool yesterday and I got a furry purrrrr. lol
Splodge had snook into my wool bag and I didn't see him hehe.
Can't believe everything with the blog seems to be back to normal again.
My first Christmas party tonight...lucky, my 6 weekly hair appointment is today too.
Have a fun day xx

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  1. My kitties are always in my yarn also! Had to knit a small throw to put over my yarn basket as they were getting too much fur in my yarn! My one loves to sleep on my throws while I am crocheting them! She gives me an annoyed look every time I make her move when I turn my work! :)