02 December 2012


We bought a purple sofa a few months back...love it to look at 
but it is soooo uncomfortable that I decided to move it into the dining room and bring a couple of the Ikea bouncy chairs into the lounge, for now at least.
I needed a foot stool, the ones that go with the chairs fill up too much space.
This was a good solution....£3.99 from B&M Stores

strong enough to stand on and great storage...I bought A LIME GREEN ONE months ago.
the fabric that it is made with is nasty, so it needed a cover....I found a piece of crochet that had never been finished, lots of those in my craft room lol
It was originally meant to be a blanket, then I thought it would make a garden chair cover....
but has been re-modelled into a cube/storage/seat/ foot stool for the new look comfy, winter crochet/TV space in the corner of the lounge.
Just big enough
so my little Winter crochet corner is almost complete, just need to finish the Moss st. blanket

Have fun xx


  1. That looks very pretty!
    A nice place to put some yarn in, but don't forget that there's something inside LOL

    1. hehe..exactly what I said when I filled it last night...lol
      Hugs x

  2. That's just what I want..but it's almost too lovely for putting feet on! There's a new B&M in Bangor ..never heard of them before so might just go take a peek.We have had one of those Ikea chairs for years.I had to make a loose washable cover in calico to cover the old grubby one but apart from that it's lasted about 18 years..not bad for the £40 it cost us originally.

  3. That's looking like a really cosy Winter Woollyland, Suz. Great idea to cover the bin-seat with your lovely crochet.
    I went to get the slipper-boots and guess what....sold out in my size!I expect they'll get them in again. Thank you for your kind offer too.

    1. Hi Bit cold in my craft room for a couple of the winter months, a time I spread a bit, but hoping this will stay tidy with the useful box...temporaty cover, I will re make when all the other projects are finished....one on one in the wash lol.
      Sorry to hear the slipper/boots had sold out...fingers crossed they re-stock soon.
      Hugs xx

  4. Cute idea. I have several of these boxes that I use to store yarn in. Great idea for when I'm done with using them for storage. Beautiful job.