04 February 2013

Almost finished the lace top......

Another couple of rows of motifs to do or one and an edging?
won't be wearing it over a t-shirt on my holiday but just to share the shape I have decided on.....
played around with different ways and became too complicated so went with an
identical front and back
14 motif's in a round and going to do at least another row with a decorative edging or two more rows
Holiday arangements have been brought forward to February so slight panic to get this top finished in time but I will catch up with the weekly Granny Square and Flower motif before I go away
Crossing everything......
for the holiday we wanted last year and couldn't manage to arrange...
A cruise, only a 7 day one
and not sailing from the UK, we have to fly to the Canary Islands first
but so excited and not long to wait, just hoping Phil can change his  holiday week at work
Catch up as soon as I have finished the top and sorted the square out for you


  1. Lovely lacy top, Sue.
    It sounds as if your holiday time will soon be here!

  2. Love it, Suz and I would wear it over a t-shirt!Have a fantastic holiday - will you be taking your hook?All that sunshine for inspiration.x

  3. Sue your lace top is beautiful!!! I love it!

  4. You are so adorable I can't even stand it. Love the top. Hooray for Holidays!

  5. Its looking brilliant and you are looking gorgeous. have a lovely holiday sounds wonderful my fingers are crossed that Phil can change is holiday dates, dee x

  6. Hello, trying to read your other blog about your new book, but keep getting a "malaware" message :( Look forward to seeing the book anyway! xx