20 February 2013

WEEK 8 GRANNY, a light weight hoilday project....

and my last post for a week or so...a cruise to enjoy! lol
I decided I needed to take a light weight project with me on holiday so this...
week 8 granny motif is it...was thinking evening jacket of some description BUT....
it might make a great evening bag?.....Really not sure what it will become yet
I'm using all the pale blues and greens I have.
I would like to make an Evening Jacket at some point in this motif but in antique white, silvers and pale greys with just a hint of colour.
I also have lots of oranges and red too so a second project......A close up of the cotton ribbon centre and the shiny 2 round of 24 short loops
A project specifically to use ribbon yarns....I bought a bag of random coloured yarns from Colinette a few months back and wanted to use them in a project.....
A cotton ribbon for the centre and a shiny ribbon for the second round
WEEK 8 Granny motif
USA Terms, 5mm hook, ribbon yarn
A two round circular motif with quite a close fit together
Ch 8, sl st to complete circle
R1: 24 dc into the circle, sl st to complete round (24dc)
R2: attach second shinier ribbon in any st, ch4, sc in next stitch, ch4 sc in next st, repeat until you have 24 short loops, sl st to comp[lete round. (24x4 ch loops)
Use join as you go, 4 loops at a time...a first motif will have 6 motifs around it.
I'll be back in March with Week 9 Granny


  1. Have a wonderful holiday, Sue. Come back refreshed and enthusiastic and I wish you happy days on your cruise! Sandra

  2. Hi Sandra....thanks. Lots of pictures and a fun story to tell when we get back I hope.
    Hugs x

  3. These are amazing, Sue! Still drooling about your octagon flowers and now these ribbony ones too! Do you think I could use sari strip ribbon for them? I bought some at the K&S show because I just couldn't pass it up but haven't found anything to use it on yet that I feel will show it off properly. Until now, that is! Have a lovely cruise and a wonderful holiday! Looking forward to seeing the results of your holiday hooky when you get back - an evening jacket sounds divine made of these flowers. Enjoy every minute! E x

  4. Sue, those are so beautiful. Have a wonderful time on your cruise, can't wait to see all the pictures.

  5. Lovely motifs, thank you for sharing. Hope you have a lovely time away. Best wishes, Pj x

  6. Dear Sue,
    I could not find your email to let you know I have a blog award for you at my blog.
    As I'm not sure if you are into those at all. I'm fairly new to blogging so dont really know how it works yet.

    my email is : countrymaison@gmail.com if you want to drop a line.

    All the best,