15 April 2013


B and M Stores do a pack of really soft string, 4 balls for a £1.....and I love working in string.
New basket/bowl, far too small for Brupbrup to get inside but he did try, sorry no photograph couldn't find my camera at the time.
The small basket/bowl....230grms.... under £1.25
So I made a bigger one, a shopper for me, they all have given it a good sniff but no one has tried to get in this one yet....a size for fitting for furballs
A rolled top and handle makes for a comfy strap @ A £1 a pack..a bargain don't you think?
4 balls in a pack for £! and a ball is 50grms
THE SHOPPER........600grms, 12 balls, 3 packs = £3
100grms = 2 balls so only 50p
kept all of the projects simple to allow the beauty of the string to shine au naturel lol.
A set of drinks mats.
4 mats = 1 ball, 50 grms or 25p for a set
about £6 to make the lot.
Don't you just love a bargain I used a 5mm hook and single string for smaller items and a 6/7mm hook and souble string for the basket/pot and shopper...at least I think I did lol,forgot to write it down.
TIP: Add a small lable to your project as you start with all the info written on it.....then when or if a project gets left for  few days you will be able to pick up where you left off
So many times I go back to projects days or weeks later and have guessed what hook size and found inches in I have to unpick because it looks so different...wrong hook used....ooops!
The green tea light holders £2.50 for the 6, from a charity shop when I went to The Vintage Craft Fair
at Bishops castle....I bought a couple of the wonderful smelly candles in
50's style glasses and a large pot of black tulips from the fair too.
As soon as they flower I will add a picture
Happy Hooking


  1. I love working with string and Sue you are so right to let the beauty and simplicity shine through.

  2. Hi Suz - I love all your stringy things. Is it soft on the hands when you're working with it? I made a bowl with garden twine and it nearly ripped my hands to shreds!Great see you 'out and about'. How's the book coming along? Got a publishing date yet?

  3. This is a big change from your usual colourful crochet and I see you enjoy working in string. It certainly seems to work up fast when you're got that hook in your hands!