28 April 2013

WONDER WOOL WALES...at the Royal Welsh Show ground....fabulous time

Really enjoyed the show and the company too, thanks Erika and Jo for making the day so enjoyable.
About a 69mile journey and a very winding road so it took us 2 hours to get there and the same back but well worth the effort
Here's to the next trip.
I bought something to hold me up yet again, not a good idea at the moment.....
2 vintage crochet books, I've already got a list of ideas to try out using the books as inspiration
this one on Suz Place I jsut had to try out and...
this simple star, although it is described in the book as a flower to be appied.
I think it looks a bit like a star fish with slightly curved legs.
That might change as they get joined together and of course a star fish has 5 legs....but you need six or eight to join together in a throw, wrap or shawl and it lie flat, 5 would make it into a curved 3D shape.
Lots more experimenting to do with this design before I have finished, I just made the first in one colour for speed....as I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do.
Will try to do better.lol
Happy Hooking


  1. I love your new star design inspired by a 19th century flower design!

  2. Hi Sandra, thanks lots more to come two fabulous vintage books with lots that can be adapted to modern crochet so watch this space lol
    Hugs x