22 July 2015

CROCHET: Motifs used for Christmas decorations...would work all year round

 Stylecraft DK or cotton yarn
Palm size motifs from 2013

finger wrap of 6 wraps.

ROUND 1: 12 sc into the circle wrap, sl st to complete round.
ROUND 2: 2sc into every st, sl st o complete round.
ROUND 3: Start in any st, ch5, tr, ch5, sl st into the same st, sc, into the next 3 sts,
 sl st into the next st, repeat 5 more times. sl st to finish round.
ROUND 4: Att. yarn in the middle of the dip, 7sc, into the first ch, loop, 7sc, into the second ch, loop,
sc, into the middle st, of dip,
repeat 4 more times, on the last point, 7sc into first ch loop, ch 20 as hanging loop, 7sc into ch loop, sl st to complete round.
stiffen to hang or make many and join as you go into wrap or throw. 

Amelia Motif

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