04 July 2015

CROCHET: Mini Granny Squares

How many Mini's have you tried?

with all the variations, all the different yarns and all the fabulous colours there must be hundreds of combinations to play with?

and of course there is a couple of mini granny project in my book too on pages
60 and 64.

Yesterday I have a huge sort out more than 12 large blue Ikea bags of samples all now sorted and two bags of old samples have gone with a friend to the WI see if anyone can use them.

I found all the minis i have to date..from a simple two colour basic granny in cashmere

a granny with a twist... in Stylecraft Life and cashmere background
A 2 round granny Log Cabin in Stylecraft life
 A mini granny with a hole in it in fine mixed cotton threads
 A teeny tiny Sophie Digard style daisy granny...
 a 4 round mini..measuring no more and a inch...
 Tweedy solid minis..
 half inch 1round solid granny

with a great back too...in fine merino

 mini triangles..
and circle too...


  1. I love minis! I am adding different mini motifs to braids and dangling from chain stitches on my current shawl border. I really love how you showed the way different yarns just shine in minis! We know the use of color is so important in getting a very different look from the same pattern. But switching up the Texture is just as important! I wish I could buy ALL the beautifully textured yarns, each in several color palates, that I have seen! Great post, as always, Sue. And the cover of your new book is GORGEOUS! Hugz!