15 November 2015

12 weeks of Gifting, Week 7 Beret and how to change colour

This weeks pattern is from my new book Granny Squares and Shapes 
The Beret on page made in the limited edition pack colours with the use of Tapestry stitch on rows 4, 6 and 9 

 so this post will be a tutorial on how to change colour in a round or row

Made in the Stylecraft Limited Edition Pack
with a 4mm hook


Half make the last dc [tr], 

 pick up the next colour and pull through the second half of the stitch

 continue in the next colour, repeat for every colour change

This will give you a clean straight edge to your colour changes

Several different colours can be used in one round/row and carry the unused colours within the stitches as you go.
a great way to make vertical stripes and patterns within a project
by making colour changes within the round/row

The technique you need when using tapestry stitch.

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