01 December 2015



YARN: Stylecraft Merry Go Round 
HOOK: 4mm hook
US Terms UK Terms in red brackets

Pattern repeat is multiples of 14sts +3

ch126 + 3 and + 1 to turn (130sts)

ROW 1: sc [dc], in 2nd ch from hook, sc [dc], in every st to end turn. (129sts)

 ROW 2: ch1, sc [dc], in same st, sc [dc], in next 2 sts, dc [tr], in next 2sts, tr [dtr], in next 2sts, dtr [ttr], in next 3 sts, tr [dtr], in next 2 sts, dc [tr], in next 2sts, 
repeat to end

(Note: US Terms...3sc, 2dc, 2tr, 3dtr, 2tr, 2dc, repeat, the dtr will sit over the sc and the sc with sit over the dtr in the next row after the row of sc in every st.)

finish with sc [dc], in last 3sts. (129sts)

ROW 3: repeat row 1 sc [dc], in every st. (129sts)

ROW 4: ch4, counts as first dtr [ttr], dtr [ttr], in next 2sts, 1tr [dtr], in next 2sts, dc [tr], in next 2 sts, sc [dc], in next 3sts, dc [tr], in next 2 sts, tr [dtr], in next 2sts, 
repeat to end, finish with 1dtr [ttr], in last 3sts. (129sts)

continue to repeat rows 3 and 4 to complete the length you require.

I'm often asked about the little circle or flower i start my work with...yes it a me thing makes the piece mine if you like, but it does serve a purpose too....no end to deal with.

And on a long base chain, occasionally I miss count the 200+ Stitches often a complaint I here......
 with these extra few chain stitches to the flower I have a few stitches to play with...solves another possible problem.

100g ball has made a piece 8.5" x 32" perfect for a neck wrap.

A baby blanket would probably need 4 maybe 5 balls 
to make approx. 32" x 35" 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, it really works with this yarn in particular

  2. Replies
    1. thank you....only had one ball but i would love to make it into a blanket one day soon

  3. I really like it in the scarf version with the 3 neutral shades (black, taupe and was it off white?} and the flowers dangling from the beginning and end of each row from chain stitches of differing lengths! Really lovely design and I hope to get some yarn in pretty much the same shades you used in your version! I have needed Heather grey and taupe forever.. Yet still haven't managed to remember when placing orders! Really neat design idea!!

  4. Really love the merry go round yarn that you have made this in.....which variation was it please....I can't find anything like it on the yarn websites....did you mix 2 ??

    1. Hi, I think it was Merry Go Round 3142 thats Stylecraft acrylic...fabulous yarn have fun xx