15 December 2015

PAPER: Second Ikea Stranne Light finished for Christmas

I made the first one in 2011, only just finished the second, just in time for Christmas, better later than never, a year of finishing things off

I made a layered flower version for this one with a foiled card centre for a bit of sparkle

snowflake punch foil flower centres for the new version 
Ikea Stranne Light...not sure if you can still buy these lights any more 

Looks great against the dark grey wall 
  3 layered flower

just a single flower with a centre for the first version

I always seem to want to recycle paper this time of year, 
been trying the rolled paper method
 used by lots to make all sorts of fabulously useful items, painted or left as the raw magazine/newspaper 
 looking forward to making some thing from these when I have enough made
these are from two local newspapers delivered free every week....

 you do need to make lots of tubes first and using newspaper is a bit messy, the  ink comes off on your fingers but easily washes off.

They can then be made into all sorts of Christmas decorations, bowls, boxes and frames

 left as raw newspaper or painted

From easy craft items to wonderful art facilities by Paper Artist

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