31 October 2013

Block Stitch Scarf to go with the Rhombus Triangle Bag

7" or 18cm wide scarf x long!
ch 30
ROW 1: dc in each st,
ROW2: 3ch st, loops every sc every 3rd st, (10 loops)
ROW3: 3dc in every chain loop
repeat rows 2 and 3 until scarf as long as you want it.
Have fun xx


  1. So you've made a block stitch scarf too! It looks so pretty, doesn't it?! I'm sure it will look lovely with your Rhombus triangle bag!

    1. Hi a 7" square at the moment.."yarns just arrived so back to work for me I'm afraid
      No more me hooky for a few weeks until 6 pattern designs finished.
      Por me hey? Lol
      Hugs x