30 October 2013

More mini Triangles

increase one st each row.
The bag mini is made with 2 strands of Stylecraft special a 5mm hook but the pattern is the same
 1-9 rows for each bag mini all joined to one another as I made them.
I added another row last night but I might have gone too far...ooops!

I woke up this morning knowing exactly how I want the bag to look.
I wasn't sure as I was working on the mini's and before a nights sleep...all sorted in my head now.

Using all my ends of mostly STYLECRAFT SPECIAL,
but there are a couple of other brands in there as well...so some mini's are smaller than others but blocking should sort that problem out.

KnN this morning...cya later girls.



  1. Looking forward to the 'reveal'

    1. Me too...need to get back to working so on hold for a few days lol
      Hugs x

  2. I had a wonderful time going through all your posts. Love the bold colours and designs. Fantastic to see that someone can make crochet fun and interesting.