25 October 2013

Rhombus Bag

I took a day off and guess what?....I played hooky and made myself a new bag
from a rhombus shape, adding a flower or two.
Decided less was more and only added 2 one on each side.

three was just over the top

Still needs a lining I think to keep the best shape.
Back to work this morning though.
Then may be an afternoon in the garden as the sun has decided to shine now after a lot of rain
we are building a screen at the bottom of the garden....the garden side, the beginnings of a car port Phil has wanted for 3 years to cover Noo Noo.

Happy Hooking everyone x


  1. Wonderful bag Sue, I love it. Enjoy your day.

    1. Hi Thanks Meredith...a day off and I play hooky lol
      You too, enjoy the weekend hugs x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks....it started out a lot smaller but it just wasn't big enough so i added two more rhombus shapes.
      Hugs x

  3. A simply lovely bag, Sue. I love the soft colours and the design and the flower finishes it off so well!

    I have to tell you something really funny, from the tiny thumbnail photo I can see on my blog, I thought you had crocheted a bra with a flowery decoration! What do you think?! Remember the days when people wore knitted swimming costumes and when they were wet they all dragged down with the weight of the water!! They must have been itchy too!

    1. Hi thanks..yes I did see and think a similar bra myself hehehe on a tiny picture....a swim suit next then lol

  4. wow! love this bag -- love! do you know where / how i can get the pattern for this or a similar rhombus shaped bag? i'd like to try my hand at crocheting one. juliekingart@gmail.com. thanks!!

    1. Hi thanks glad you like..several different shapes from the rhombus to come all the patterns will be on my Pattern club along with a lot of other patterns..

  5. Your bag is nice, Sue!
    Greetings, RW & SK