06 September 2015

Book query: DIAMOND TOP

A negative comment on Amazon, about the black granny square top.
This person can't see what it looks like from the book!
 So I am re-making it to take more picture so you can see what it looks like made up.

I only have one picture of it before it went off to the publisher and that is a working collage..a very flat picture of the cropped loose top.

I will add more pictures on a body asap
But its very similar to this one cropped and loose fitting, the one in the book has a cap sleeve not a short sleeve but really very similar fit.

Hope that helps anyone wanting to know more about the shape of the top on page 92 of Granny Squares and Shapes

sorry I'm not the best model but it gives you an idea of how it looks on a bigger size.
For a smaller size you can always make it in 4ply and a 3mm hook!
that would make it a more fitted top for the skinny's
and the diamond sun top was for the slim amongst us tried to cover a top for all.


  1. I love the colors and design! I do have one question about the 2 squares that have a white daisy in the center of what I interpret as a cut out design. Are those squares positioned in the back of the top?

    1. Hi Maschelle, the daisy flower inset squares, are in both the front and the back glad you like it xx