08 September 2015

CROCHET: Less "baggy" slightly closer C2C

click above link for the complete how too tutorial

I used less ch sts...it gives a slightly closer and firmer c2c

One of my favourite simple stitches, that can be used to make all sorts of projects
in triangles, squares and rectangles
 A great stitch with a beautiful straight, neat edge that actually requires no extra stitch to finish it off

In lots of colours or just one for wonderful texture
 and a great stash buster too.

This basic 'block' stitch can also be done in straight rows....an original Victorian stitch.


  1. Next to moss stitch, this is my favorite. Good to have an option for different projects and still retain the things we love about the C2C stitch. Thanks! ☺

  2. Very nice! Beautiful colours and I also love that sweet little flower :-)