02 September 2015

CROCHET: Tapestry stitch tips

Having a couple of weeks to play with Tapestry stitch and lots of research here are a couple of tips i've learnt so far..

US terms UK terms in brackets
quick and simple colour charts for dc [tr] Tapestry stitch

4 colours in one row

the first dc pattern i made up above

1: Tapestry stitch is basically colour changing and following a colour chart or graph and sc is the usual stitch, done into the back of the stitch to make it 'squarer', some use hdt....very few are using dc.
above is sc [dc] checks...its firmer and closer...i will try again when I have more yarn choice at home.

For now I'm liking dc [tr]

reasons: it grows quickly, easy to do a colour change, and it stays central when doing a pattern.
I quite like into the back of the stitch too for some projects

2: Fine yarn and a very small hook are the usual too...I prefer dk cotton and a 4mm or 3.5mm hook...for similar reasons, speed.
pure wool DK

3:When using multiple strands you need to keep your yarns apart i uses small plastic boxes and pick up each colour from source (near the box) or an awful tangle can happen.
Haven't got a picture but i can tell you some of the ranges took me a couple of hours to sort out!

So pick up in order or sequence and pick up from the box not close to the work

4:Tapestry stitch or colour changing can be done to lots of stitches not just the basic ones...ive seen a sort of tapestry stitch (colour change) done with granny shells in rows, c2c with a chart to follow, and i guess there are lots of stitches you could use too.

Not tried it with other stitches yet!..watch this space

5:Using the dc (tr), you can't use cross stitch patterns or the usual charts because the stitch isn't the same width as length...so you will need to do you own charts...makes it more original i guess?
a couple of experiments in dc colour chart on graph paper
 you need to compensate for the extra length in a dc [tr] 


  1. Looks fun. May experiment with this one day. Thanks for sharing xxxx

    1. I should...its fun once you get into it, start with something simple first to get the hang of the colour changing every few stitches..have fun x