12 August 2012



You might or might not know I was asked to write a crochet book for beginners to intermediary in January this year. To be available early next year, really exciting but very daunting too.

 It was all delivered to the publisher as set out in the contract for the end of July.

Late Friday I had a phone call from the lovely Editor dealing with my book, all good so far, but could I EXPAND a chapter.

I had thrown in a bit of me, something not asked for, something to make it 'mine' hoping it would be liked. I was trying to give the reader a little something that I don't think is in any other crochet book.

She thought it a great idea, really liked what I had done and wanted more
I am asking for your help please....

If you have a minute I would much appreciate your help.

Yesterday I had lots of ideas, too many to put in one chapter as it is such a
big subject, (I could write a whole book about it) so this morning I thought it a good idea to ask what it is you really what to know about C,D & I?
What would help you and if you have any questions that you would like answered?

There will be a couple of give away's for the best questions
so ask away. Thanks

Hugs to all xx

It's pouring here today :-((


  1. I would like to see how to relate crochet to 2012, how to look at a modern garment, pillow, gift , blanket etc and turn it into a design that can become crochet.I would like to find out how to meld different stitches & motifs together.Best of luck, Sue....I always find your blog very creative & inspiring, &, I'm sure your book will be too. Mary from Australia

  2. Sue, you are asking a big one. I consider myself a crocheter of moderate ability, I don't want anything too fancy sticth-wise. What I am always perplexed by is how people put such amazing colors together in a way that works. I look at Pinterest and am always amazed at the beautiful color combinations used in porjects.

  3. Hi Sue. I would like to know how you come up with all of your pretty ideas. Do you draw them out on paper or do you just figure them out as you crochet? Your color selections are always very pretty too - even when you crochet with 2 colors held together. How do you go about choosing the colors? :)

  4. Hi Suz, My thoughts on this may already be covered in your book, however...
    Colour: As a beginner I would have asked whether I should stick to one or two colours for a project or go mad! (Colour-wheel theory seems to get thrown out of the window in modern crochet)
    Design: As a beginner it would be nice to know how to finish projects e.g. a few simple borders for blankets/throws. Tips on how to go around corners. How to join squares together or link up circles.
    Inspiration: As a beginner, I would like to know where the Author finds their inspiration from the most? Is it books, magazines, the internet etc.?
    Hope this helps.

  5. Hello Sue, I agree with Ann above, I am a self-taught crocheter (if that word exists!) and would really find it useful to know how to start a project neatly, how to change yarn colours harmoniously and how to finish off each round invisibly! Any basic tips are extremely welcome as I never really learnt them!
    As far as colour is concerned, I feel that your creative gift intuitively kicks in when you start something. I like mixing colours and go pretty intuitively too and sometimes unravel if something has not worked for me visually.
    I would like to know more about design and would like to make up patterns from the knowledge I already have on the different stitches. As for inspiration, I can be inspired by something and then give it the look that fits my own personality.
    Did I miss the second part of the Fair Isle backing?

  6. Hi Sue!...I consider myself a kind of expert on crocheting, having done it for many many years (I have an Etsy shop of my creations now too..."Wuglyees")...but I find your intricate designs and colors fascinating! I'd like to know whether you mix yarn types (threads, fingering weight with 4-ply) and if so, what kinds of suggestions you have as washing instructions?!...Also it would be great to see the different ways your patterns can be used! {Chair seats, bowls, doilies, pocketbooks, etc...) I can't wait to see your book! :-)

  7. Colour is something I often feel I struggle with. I understand the basics of the colour wheel, but I don't get how to translate that into actually choosing yarn for a project. I could look at the colour wheel and then at my stash and end up feeling that nothing matches or looks good together. And in a shop the choice can be almost overwhelming so that I end up choosing yarn by the brand that has the most colours I like and try to shoe-horn that in with the colours in my stash! So any practical tips on choosing colour schemes would be wonderful!

  8. Hi I think the colourwheel should be thrown out of the window. So many books go on about this too much.I would like to see samples of colours you put together - colours we wouldn't normally put together maybe and as a contrast colours that don't work.

  9. i'd like more hints on shaping to fit the project to its final 3d object.

    i'm another who is bored of the colour wheel in books, hints on looking at something multicoloured and understanding which to leave out/tone down might be more personal.

    good luck with whatever you choose!

  10. BIG Thanks to everyone for helping out I will be pulling a name out of the hat and will let you know who won asap.
    Thanks again it was a great help
    Hugs to all xx