04 August 2012

Fair Isle Mandala Pattern part 2

Wonderful to hear so many are giving the FI Mandala a go.

FI Mandala Pattern PART 2
4mm hook, cotton yarn, USA terms.
another mistake i missed out round 14 sorry all x
ROUND 14: looks like i didn't take a picture for round 14 but same picture to explain same as round 15 picture...sorry yet again and thanks Dee for pointing it out another ooops! 
Round 14: 3sc in first 3 sts, dc post st into dc of 2 rounds down (as picture below)
 all thought that has the start of round 15 as well sorry yet again for missing out round 14
Notes to help:
not an increase round just a replacement round (96 sts)

Round 15: in the same colour as round 14, sc in every stitch. (96sts)

Round 16: sc and dc post stitch in alternate stitches (96sts)
Notes to help:
Post stitch is Not an increase round just a replacement st.
Attach yarn as picture below lining up to do a dc post st into the first of the visible sc of 3 rounds below
Round 17: In the same colour as round 16, 1dc, 1dc, 2dc in 3rd st, repeat all the way around (128 sts)
Notes to help:
This is an increase round 
Keep checking the count of 1,1,2 I did this round three times because I missed the sequence, but it was in the early hours because I couldn't sleep..lol 

Round 18: sc in every stitch ( 128 sts)
Round 19:
Notes to help:  
Attach yarn and line up the first post st with the sc of 3 rounds down as picture below
Bit of an odd round mostly a replacement post sts but every 8th post stitch you do an increase by including the sc stitch that would be behind the post st, if you don't add this increase the posts will not line up, but start to lean 
1sc, 1sc, 1tr post st, to sc of 3 rounds down, repeat but increase every 8th post st. (total of 144sts)
Round 20: dc in every st (144sts)
Round 21: sc in every sts (144sts)

Round 22: 1sc, 1sc, 1tr post sts in 3rd st, no increase just a replacement st
Note to help:
Not an increase round.
line up the post st to match the 1st sc of 3 rounds below.
as picture below
(total sts: 48post sts, and 96sc, total of 144sts)

Round 23:  dc in every sts (144sts)
Round 24: sc in every sts (144sts)

well almost, the shell edging is done to join the front to the back

Back pattern part 3 on Monday
Have fun and really look forward to seeing how you get on
Already a couple of you lovelies have had a problem with round 5! oops my mistake and only just noticed it thanks for pointing it out Sandra and Dee there should be a ch between the groups of 4 on round 5
just check the hand written notes and amended the pattern part 1
My apologise to you both xx

Hugs to all 


  1. Me encantan tus trabajos, sos muy creativa .
    Un fuerte abrazo

  2. Instructions for rnd 14 ? Are they missing or is it just me

  3. Ooops yep it is missing sorry yet again lol, bit stressed over last couple of days, not check what I have written
    Sorry yet again
    Amending now xx

  4. You're allowed 2 ooops. LOL. I need to finish my current WIP and gather up all my multi coloured yarn so I can have a go

  5. Thought there was something missing but carried on regardless and it's looking fine (although definitely not the standard of work you put out, Suz!)I'm loving it anyhoo and have loved working on it in snitches and snatches over the weekend. It has sure pushed me out of my 'granny square' comfort zone so thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule, Suz to put the pattern up. Much appreciated.Have a great (restful) week.x

    1. Your welcome...sorry for delay in reply been a bit distracted last few weeks, fingers crossed Friday might see an end the the saga so cross everything
      Hugs x

  6. it's simply gorgeous ! thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Very impressive Blog, I´ve just discovered your work, it has blown my mind!! All my admiration and thank you, such a pleasure ! Gabriela, from Argentina (sorry for my English). Greetings!

    1. Hi, thanks you're welcome and your Engkish is brilliant, welcome to the 8th gem
      Hugs x

  8. I love this pattern so much. However, for some reason, I CANNOT get my stitches to stop leaning on round 19. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong and it's driving me crazy!! I've checked, double checked, and triple checked my stitch count in the rows before and I've made sure that I'm increasing every eighth front post. I'm totally lost. Do you have any advice??

    1. Hi Rachel, then at a guess you aren't lining the first post st, up with the sc of round 16? can you send me a picture try using a ruler or something straight to reach from the middle of the mandala to the sc in row 16 and then on the the round 19 and seeing if that helps you decide where the post st should go...if you st. count is correct then it is just an alignment problem hope that helps x

    2. hi Rachael....i think it is you I have just added on INSTAGRAM? With a picture of the Fair Isle Mandala....add the problem row and i will see if i can help x

  9. I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with it. I followed it here and am so happy I finally found the pattern and it's for free to boot. Thank you very much for your artistry and generosity. I plan to start with this soon. Hope my work would do justice to your design. Warm hello from the Philippines! ��������

    1. Hi Angelina, thank you hope you enjoy the pattern xx