30 April 2013


Finished last night it looks great in the hall with the matching yarn rug.
Where i hang my string shopper or handbag.
It does go with the flower rug in the same yarn....don't you think?
This rug has been every where, bedroom, en-suite lounge and now the hallway...
it washes well.
Need to start and write the patterns this afternoon before there are too many and it become a chore x

29 April 2013


Quick up date..need to go shopping
almost finished the back of the one (right chair cover)
A collection of wip
Loving the Victorian star and Daisy bunting..going to look very colourful at the show
Happy Hooking x

28 April 2013

WONDER WOOL WALES...at the Royal Welsh Show ground....fabulous time

Really enjoyed the show and the company too, thanks Erika and Jo for making the day so enjoyable.
About a 69mile journey and a very winding road so it took us 2 hours to get there and the same back but well worth the effort
Here's to the next trip.
I bought something to hold me up yet again, not a good idea at the moment.....
2 vintage crochet books, I've already got a list of ideas to try out using the books as inspiration
this one on Suz Place I jsut had to try out and...
this simple star, although it is described in the book as a flower to be appied.
I think it looks a bit like a star fish with slightly curved legs.
That might change as they get joined together and of course a star fish has 5 legs....but you need six or eight to join together in a throw, wrap or shawl and it lie flat, 5 would make it into a curved 3D shape.
Lots more experimenting to do with this design before I have finished, I just made the first in one colour for speed....as I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do.
Will try to do better.lol
Happy Hooking

26 April 2013


The Bunting for the show is a fun project..quick and decorative.
I'm making several different types to hang on the camper awning
Love this Daisy version the best...Aran weight yarn is perfect need more colour though.
Happy Hooking x

16 April 2013


Seems I'm being swept along on a roller coaster of a ride!
A Tea Party in my local library......Tea with Sue
ATea Cosy workshop and Granny Square book promotion, sometime at the end of May
A Trade stand at DEVA DUBS 7th-9th June Shrewsbury Show ground. A great show for those
interested in old VW Campers like Noo Noo
And a huge box of my new book winging it's way to my door....wow!
mmmmmmm!!!!!! how did that happen over night?
Just back from a woolly shop with some yummy Lichen coloured
STYLECRAFT Life Dk wool mix
PATONS Cotton, Linen mix
and some 
PATONS Wool Blend Arran in a pale pebble grey
I will be making  a few thing and definitely something in Moss stitch.......
my all time favourite stitch
A simple stitch, doesn't curl, lies flat, quick and easy to crochet, gives a straight edge and
can look tweedy, spotty or stripey
fabulous stitch.

15 April 2013


B and M Stores do a pack of really soft string, 4 balls for a £1.....and I love working in string.
New basket/bowl, far too small for Brupbrup to get inside but he did try, sorry no photograph couldn't find my camera at the time.
The small basket/bowl....230grms.... under £1.25
So I made a bigger one, a shopper for me, they all have given it a good sniff but no one has tried to get in this one yet....a size for fitting for furballs
A rolled top and handle makes for a comfy strap @ A £1 a pack..a bargain don't you think?
4 balls in a pack for £! and a ball is 50grms
THE SHOPPER........600grms, 12 balls, 3 packs = £3
100grms = 2 balls so only 50p
kept all of the projects simple to allow the beauty of the string to shine au naturel lol.
A set of drinks mats.
4 mats = 1 ball, 50 grms or 25p for a set
about £6 to make the lot.
Don't you just love a bargain I used a 5mm hook and single string for smaller items and a 6/7mm hook and souble string for the basket/pot and shopper...at least I think I did lol,forgot to write it down.
TIP: Add a small lable to your project as you start with all the info written on it.....then when or if a project gets left for  few days you will be able to pick up where you left off
So many times I go back to projects days or weeks later and have guessed what hook size and found inches in I have to unpick because it looks so different...wrong hook used....ooops!
The green tea light holders £2.50 for the 6, from a charity shop when I went to The Vintage Craft Fair
at Bishops castle....I bought a couple of the wonderful smelly candles in
50's style glasses and a large pot of black tulips from the fair too.
As soon as they flower I will add a picture
Happy Hooking

14 April 2013

Spots before the eyes!...

Thanks so, so much for the wonderful feed back about the book, it seems to be hitting the right spot so far.
SPOTS...and more spots
A few experiments using a folder and a spotty pot for inspiration
I love stripes and I love spots too and wanted to make a few spotty cushions and a large blanket
tried a few combinations out and still not completely satisfied yet.
I finished this spotty little number to go on the sofa with the tweedy striped pair....
To give a more spotty effect it needs a red base cushion pad as i've used an open join as you go method of joining the spot hex's.
The red and wite spot pot and the mug were the inspiration and the yarn was a gift from a friend, a half ball of Rowan 100% wool Aran...a gorgeous red and a lovely yarn to work with
At the moment you can get 3 balls for the price of two at Hobby Craft
The weekly free patterns are being shelved for now, still trying to decide
what to do, what path to take with the crochet.
Happy Hooking every one and sorry for ot posting for a while, so many decisions to make!