29 February 2012

A Crochet Kindle cosy...with a shoulder strap

My Kindle got a cosy too..well a neat little shoulder bag that will keep it available at all times as we go on our hols
Hand stitched a giant flower on the front for decoration
and added a strap, remembering that crochet straps stretch when the bag is filled so as not to make it too long or it would reach my knees!!!

Enjoy your day x

28 February 2012

Blackberry cosy mark 2

Just using up odd ends and they are fun and quick to make.
Given me a few more ideas too!

5mm hook and two strands of DK or one of chunky 
10 +1 as base chain...the one chain being the start to the first sc 
All in sc stitches
Done in the round with an increase of 2 sts each end giving 24sts in total 
Down one side of the chain and back up the other sl st to complete the round

Do as many rounds as it takes to cover the blackberry (17/18 depends on the yarn)
 magic circle 
1st round: 12 dc 
2nd round: attach wool chain 2, dc in first st, dc 2 chain in second st, repeat 5 more times to make 6 petals
sl st to complete round sew off ends and attach to cover

Magic circle
12 dc into circle pull tight
chain loops of 5 and 6 sc done over the loopswith a sl stich to anchor at the base of petal

27 February 2012

76 RANDOM COLOURED CROCHET STARS....Not the best pictures

But I wanted to do this post and my battery went flat and I am likely to fall asleep this afternoon I'm so tired
So I've used what l had...
Trust Brupbrup to walk over it as l threw it down to take a picture..... then the battery died on me too

I tried a red edging but it was to 'in your face' for me so I went for a subtle random dye yarn
 It does need blocking 

76 random coloured stars 

Thanks everyone who wished me Happy Birthday...l did say the presents were early, very early in fact my special day isn't until June,
 but thanks any way xx

Have a good week everyone x

21 February 2012


12 months ago since l made the camper blanket..wow!
I keep being asked for the complete Noo Noo blanket pattern and how too make it post, so here it is from

Post from February 2011
Noo noo needs a blanket for the bed and l did promise months ago to make one so my first bed cover is going to be for our beloved camper Noo noo...
this is the flower l am going to use, but still working on the colour choice
 simple solid center
I used a join as you go method during the the 5th round to join the flowers together
I also used TWO DIFFERENT Round 2's for the Noo Noo blanket

 An 8 PETAL FLOWER...made in 4 rounds not five

Using an 6mm hook and two strands sometimes blended DK acrylic 
 8" diameter and l need to make it 40" wide x 54" long....perfect to go over the seat when not up as a bed
Making 5 x 7 flower = 32 complete flowers.....a nice size to do
and l'm keeping the wavy edge
This is the camper so do l stay with the green and cream and a splash of orange or go for the rainbow of colour in the flags?...
All l need to do now is a sample in the right colours!
l'll be back

next round will be in the greens
loving it so far and Phil was pleased l was making NooNoo a blanket at last too!
off to eat dinner and then start the green round

20 February 2012


My new Saarinen Tulip table and Panton 'S' Chairs arrived this morning.
Can you tell l love a splash of colour in more than just my crochet?

Just need to re-do the shelf to complete the look but loving it a lot....an early Birthday present from Phil
thanks Sweetheart love it xx

And it goes beautifully with the crochet too
might need to make a couple of cushions for the seats, not that they need cushions, as they are very comfy and bounce slightly too.
The table is bigger (120cm diameter) than the old one and could easily sit 5 
( a pink one would be nice don't ya think lol?) 
the whole set takes up less space because it is round, kept saying it would look more spacious than the small square one, Phil wasn't convinced but like the designs so I got an early birthday present...
Thanks for a lovely pressie, 

Tulip table was Designed by Eero Saarinen  for Knoll in 1956, believe it or not?
Verner Panton's 'S' chair was designed in 1960 both iconic designs.

I'm always surprised at the longevity of some furniture designs
Fabulously colourful fashion catalogue arrived from gudrunsjoden.com this morning too,
So much colour...I'm in colour heaven lol

Still not attached the stars to the blanket, having a bit of a dilemma in my head over the book!
Enjoy your week x

18 February 2012


Managed to finish a pile of 22 star today ready to attach to the star blanket
Also found a bag of Daisies.....oh! boy did they need a wash, I must have sealed them into a zip lock bag before they were dry.....what a pong!
Now they smell sweet again and are drying nicely
No idea what to make with these yet? You can see where the inspiration came from one of my CK mugs

My Friend cried off for tomorrow, I'm a bit sad about that, but her daughter had arranged a treat for her 60th tomorrow and didn't know about my treat so family wins

Oh! well the house got a good clean this morning and all the cooking and baking is done for tomorrow too.
I should get a lot of crochet done tomorrow, as Phil has gone to a VW camper show so a day to myself to play hooky

Enjoy your weekend xx

17 February 2012


A new flower for the window sill, a supermarket buy yesterday...a very on trend bright tangerine Gerbera
sits beautifully along side the shocking pink roses
So I just had to make a woolly version 
Isn't it a stunning colour?
lots of colours to play with here...

Finished the Stained Glass Cot blanket with a shell edging 
just need a cot to try it in now...

Reaching for the stars next..

Anyone ever done textile wrapping?...thinking of doing a class in a couple of weeks time

Enjoy your weekend everyone x

16 February 2012


Would have been finished but l did the 1st 2 rounds with the wrong hook, one and half hours of work needed ripping.....ooops!
Another 3 rounds and l think it will be completed
3 balls of black used so far and l might need to get another one to finish it.
Going to finish the star blanket next
then all the Star cushions..

before l really get started on the Liquorice Allsorts blanket
Thanks Hillery for re-naming the blanket STAINED GLASS...works for me
Where has this week gone?
Enjoy your day x
Making plans for another friend with a 60th Birthday on Saturday, that will be a family day but she is coming over to spend the day with me on Sunday.....so I can give her a second birthday lol
Cake an all x

13 February 2012

Progress with the Kirsty inspired crochet

finish and do the posting today, one parcel to Belgium and one to Australia by close of play 
busy busy busy

enjoy your week xx

12 February 2012


I love this magazine they use real people as models and they are of ALL AGES AND SHAPES...
makes a change from all the touched up and false looking models in lots of other magazine don't you think?

Kirsty Allsopp is looking as gorgeous as ever on the front cover dressed in my favourite shade of pink 
She is doing a huge amount for crafters and have a go and make it your selfers
big cheer for Kirsty

Inside is a feature all about her and her new bed linen for 2012 called Mollie in another of my favourite colour combo's pinks and greens with a splash of ochre yellow and lots of white
the motif in the linen is very like a crochet motif so l started to play with a woolly version
A WIP at the moment 

My first effort really needs ripping and starting again or l might just do another one, I had no soft ochre yellow yarn so l left it out in this one. 

But think it needs it and l might need a slightly different shade of green too.....need to see the bed linen up close and personal really for true colours, but l can see a lot of ideas forming from this bed linen, 
so many l might just have to order a set for our bed  

Enjoy your Sunday
cant wait, Phil decided yo order them yesterday as an early Birthday present for my 60th
can't wait 

10 February 2012


6 X 7 squares.....30" x 36"....another row on two sides may be?
14 more squares and a 2" Border should do it l think
Bed to deliver this morning catch ya later x

09 February 2012

every now and then you come across a UNIQUE CROCHET ARTIST

She is new to crochet and has started with a fabulous style that I hope is never lost
Absolutely adore  your work Dee
one of her first few wonderful pieces of crochet
isn't it wonderful?
and look at this.....
what l would give to have such originality 
A true natural free form CROCHET ARTIST
IF YOU HAVE A MINUTE.......pop over and show her some support, she could do with a boost and lots of love going her way from the  very supportive crochet community

Have a wonderful day everyone x

hugs x

08 February 2012


Trying to decide on shape and size....

Now it's a square...
 or may be a cushion?
it would have been a bigger rectangle but l made the Liquorice Allsorts pattern, slightly different form this one 
so they didn't match and I was 5 short......tomorrow perhaps

Although a square can be made into so many other things...mmmm!
a choice to make

CROCHET PROMISE NO. 2....well on the way to completion

Making this sampler throw Promise no.2, It just needs one more row of 6 squares l think then a border to finish it off...just about the right size for a lap or cot blanket at a guess
see the toe nails still looking in perfect condition....finger nails a bit chipped so took the polish off the day before yesterday
then I can finish the Liquorice Allsorts blanket as the second half of the promise for February

Found a couple of new colourful note books yesterday from
a great store that only opened about a year ago, just heard it is closing, not good

Might make the star blanket on the chair, Promise No. 3 for March.....

Help....Talk of March already!
Our  Sun filled Birthday Holiday will be next on the list

Enjoy your Wednesday x

07 February 2012

Crochet Liquorice Allsorts

Another option for the black and blended yarn sampler blanket...
does it remind you of Liquorice Allsorts?

Got quite a lot done in the middle of the night..another bad night's sleep but still feel full of energy this morning so a whirlwind day I hope...do a bit of catching up

I've still got a cough but feel soooooo much better today, all those get well wishes worked I think
thanks again

have a wonderful day x

06 February 2012

Little pink daisies or big sea green stars on the mesh scarf?

What to add to the mesh scarf?

or one big bloom?

I need to get a ball of black and join the 36 tonal GS already made
then decide on how the blocks will go together?

Have a great week everyone

05 February 2012


Half done hiding in bags, boxes and cupboards, THE PROMISE A MONTH CONTINUES

As l had a very odd January l didn't finish the 1st PROMISE, 
but it was a biggy so l will keep working on it 

My 2nd PROMISE is ALREADY about 2/3rds complete.....

I have lots of rainbow stuff half done so it started me off on a sort of vintage 70's feel blanket

This was a small rainbow cushion front half done so I ripped and blended...

each colour with a random dyed sock yarn for the 1st two rounds and the 3rd round was blended with a different colour or lighter yarn

each small ball was enough to do the 3 round GS and a enough to do a small flower in each colour may be?
giving me another set of squares, enough to do a third 9 GS block 
with 4 left over to start the 4th block 

this is the first one l made from something but l can't remember what it was now and l only did it about a week ago...blame it on the head cold shall I?

joined with black for a change and a sort of vintage feel
each set is blended in a different way...

'A reference blanket'

Thanks again for the get wells..they really uplift my spirits right now and make me feel so much better 
hugs to all xx