31 March 2014

Eric's blanket and the Pattern for a 6" Block stitch square

When I took the 40 joined motifs out to try it on the seat....Oh! dear I would need to make at least another 80 granny squares, so I suggested that we take off the border of the other black throw.....
add probably about 21 squares and a new border.

 Eric is all ready for his MOT next Saturday..wish him luck.
Bertie (in the background) will soon be ready too.
 So out came the end balls....and I made 21 new squares...
 unfortunately I made them with a 5mm hook and they should have been made with a
6mm hook...oooops! All too small.
I need to make them again
It's a pity I didn't realise before I finished all 21 squares
6" Block Stitch Square
 I was asked for a 6" block stitch square on Facebook in the week, so here is the pattern
6" Block St. Square
Us terms, 5 may be 5.5mm hook and an Aran weight yarn or two strands of DK.
Ch 23 including the st on hook
Row1: dc in 3rd st from hook, 1 dc in the next 20 sts. (21dc)

Row2: attach yarn in first st, ch2, sc in the third sp, ch 2, sc in the 6th sp ch2, sc in the 9th sp, ch2 sc in 12th sp, ch2' sc in the 15th sp, ch2, sc in the 18th sp, ch2, sc in the last st, cut and weave in ends,
Row3: 3dc in each ch sp, repeat to end
Row 4 repeat row 2
Row 5 repeat row 3
Continue to repeat rows 2and 3
15 rows should give you a 6" square

26 March 2014

The Yarn Present turned into a Necklace...

Thought I was making a motif with the present yarn, but it just became a necklace...still to be soaked in PVA to make it stiff like a large bead, but I wore it to KnN this morning.
 Looks great with the new pink cardy
Thanks again for the great present x

20 March 2014

Thanks for a lovely Present....yarn or books and you can't go wrong with me.
What's your favourite present?
Tahki yarns link
It will mix beautifully with the Stylecraft Life or my new favourite Stylecraft Senses.

Now what to make with it?...A ripple or a Granny Square Flower motif?
Love it...thanks xx
Happy First Day of Spring

17 March 2014

STYLECRAFT SENSES....it's gorgeous

Just need to share this info with you all, if you are looking to try some mohair out,
 look no further than the Stylecraft senses....loving it so much.
Such a pretty yarn and some lovely colours

Just hairy enough and really, really soft.
A busy week ahead so catch up next week I expect.
Hope it's as warm where you are as here?...16/17 degrees and only March.

10 March 2014

Interlocking block stitch stripes...

Interlocking block st. of 2dc 2 ch will give you a fantastic striped stitch. Change the colour combination and you can get  multi coloured blocks, checks or stripes simply by changing the colour.

Remember this little bag...
How to do Interlocking block stitch here...
for stripes just change colour every row and the stripes will appear just like that

It has been a really popular post so I thought I would add a few more colour/yarn combos

Stripes in Noro and Colinette are.....
Alternate rows of two different colours or yarns will give you some lovely stripes
 a random dyes yarn and almost a plain colour
every row a different colour would give a multi coloured block effect like the little bag and
2rows in one colour and a third in another will give a block  spot effect same as doing moss stitch.

link here to original post of finished bag

It's a stitch that can be done with all sorts of combinations...2, 3, or 4 dc and ch sts, they all work to give different sizes of blocks....an easy and fun stitch to play with in many different colour combo's.
And make a fabulously firm stitch for cushions and bags in particular.

Have fun x

04 March 2014

A Huge thank you....

to all those lovely people that wrote wonderful reviews of my book and to all who bought it, 
I know I have said thanks before but I really can't thank you enough for buying my first Crochet book....and it's all your fault that I am having a wonderful time yarn shopping again...LOL
My lounge is full of yarn, a visit to Colinette yesterday with a few KnN friends,
thanks girls for a wonderful day out and all the laughter.

Where our KnN meet...our fabulous local Market in a cafe with big, soft, squashy sofa's

Thanks Jo for the lend of your skein winder too...lots of the new natural yarns need winding into balls....made my woolly life a little easier.

If you are thinking of buying one of these, don't hesitate, a great piece of equipment.