21 July 2013


Solved the problem of which motif?....I used both.
Bit fuzzy...taken late last night.
And it grew this morning....
But the question for today is...what shape to make it,
or straight?
Happy hooking all x

20 July 2013


Stylecraft in the colour crocus...sillyus on the hottest day of the year hehe we decided to dig up the old bit of garden and re-model it...lol mad or what?
cooler this morning and Phil is already out there and i should be too so have to be real quick and just share this morning.
I cant make my mind up between.....
or this one...
I love both?????
happy hooking its a lot cooler this morning
hugs x

19 July 2013

A STOLE.?....or is it a wrap or shawl?

Not sure what the difference is really?..size may be?

And why am I making something to keep me warm in this heat?..lol

Hope everyone is coping with the heat wave we are in at the moment?...we are in the area with heatwave warnings..pheeeeew glad i have my shady swing space to crochet in.
My new what ever it is lol

It started out as a shawl but l liked the teeny tiny shawl but did it turn into a wrap or stole? 

It just developed while working on one of the club designs....some triangles turned into what I thought would be a shawl but after just 4 they looked great as a little stole/wrap just around the shoulders
I've added a row of flowers to the bottom and a simple tie fastener to the front....another version of whats becoming my signature circle/flower drop....this one is a padded version as you can see below...used as a tie

from just four motifs to a stole...

Very pleased with it any way and the wrap i am wearing some of my favourite colours

Happy hooking all 

13 July 2013


Zig zag scarf with inset flowers wip
started in March...along with hundeds of other WIP projects
hugs x

07 July 2013

My cosy crochet cave..with friend for company..as it is 36c in the craftroom

Far too hot to be in the craft room so i have built a shady, crochet, cave  to sit and play hooky in on the garden swing...i'm making bunting but no idea where it will go yet?
sorry about the stupid hearts..pushed something and not sure what took a few pictures before I could get rid of it.
Spoldge my companion for this morning..watching something, ususally he won't let me take a picture
aaah! thats what it is....

Cosy, shady and cool in there, the breeze is coming from behind the swing and the canopy has been turned round to allow more shade from the front
HAPPY HOOKING X...its hot!


06 July 2013

PATTERN CLUB....doing great

Thanks to all the new members who have joined the fun on
mail me if you are interested in joining.
The only complaint i have had so far is I am giving them all too much so they are having to print out their favourites and make a folder of ideas for future reference because there is so much on the site.
I have already done almost 40 posts of new ideas and variations....oops! I forget others don't have as much hooky time as I do....SORRY lol.
This is one of the club members who because of a debilitating illness climbs mountains to do her crochet...love and hugs to a lovely Mum and talented crocheter across the pond.
Meet Maschelle she doesn't blog so I am sharing her work with you on my blog
A very, very creative lady.....what do you think?

It will make her day if you like her work as it really is a struggle for her to lift her arms and move some days.
Hugs to a lovely lady

05 July 2013


I made a couple of rainbow stripy cusion covers way back in acrylics, they wash well and dry quickly but over time they have stretched about 2/3" may be.
a full range of colour in both cushion covers....do i completely re make with a smaller hook or just remove a few stripes?
I removed a few stripes washed and they were back on with in the hour

Everytime you lean't on them the feather pads twisted and turn in the cover..althouh i removed about 3 coloured stripes the purple bit, I dont think it has made that much difference only that they now fit again
Only problem with acrylics...it stretches over time
Knit and Natter girls over this afternoon for a coffe and cake
cya later girls
Hugs x

01 July 2013

NEW CROCHET HOOK...for my birthday

sssssshhhhhh! not the one I really wanted but thanks Phil for thinking of me, even so I am very impressed with the feel of it and will definitely give the Clover Amore ones a go.
Phil thought this was the one I wanted...... LOVE HIM!
It felt completely different from the metal ones i usually use a lot shorter but I soon got used to it and it felt good.
I was going to show you my latest crochet project from a quilt book, but....
mmmmmm make yourself comfy why don't you Brupbrup?
Been trying out a tester for a row of stitches from sc, through hdc, dc, htr to treble
I'm sure there must be a stitch out there some where like this?  
Any one know?
I found my Mums old Needlework book, temporarily lost, she had it for her 21st birthday in 1947.
A lot of crochet stitches in there we all use but don't know the names of.
Happy Hooking everyone