30 January 2014

26 January 2014

New Kitchen Sofa Throw progress....

A bit poorly over night....think I have caught my sons bug, so between sleeps I pick up the hook and add a couple more motifs.
It's made with Chunky or two strands of DK and a 5mm hook so it really is growing quite fast.
All Stylecraft Life and a couple of Special DK and James C Brett Marble Chunky
I need a couple of new cushion covers to go with the throw so a sample of a Moss stitch variation, this one is a bit more mesh like....another quick and easy stitch combo.
The Motif is from my book, Granny Squares, with a couple of changes to the first two rounds....more because of the chunky yarn used.

25 January 2014

21 January 2014

Quickie circle cowl grew in the last hour and HCS have some great offers at the moment.

The quickie circle cowl grew a little in the last hour too...I found a bit of the James C Brett Marble yarn but I would like to add a couple more rounds really...more rooting to do

Worth a peek.....short of a few colours and they seem to have the colours I want..i feel a yummy order coming on lol.
Cygnet - Superwash DK - Raspberry 2151

Cygnet - Superwash DK - Copper 4888

Lovely bright pink and a great orange in Cygnet Superwash Pure wool...£2.25 on line offer

James C Brett,,,Marble DK

Acrylic yarn but looks great.
James C Brett - Marble DK - 100g Balls - MT33
I've not seen this colour in DK before...yummy.


20 January 2014

Crochet circle cowl WIP....

A real quickie....
the only reason it isn't finished I ran out of wool. I need to go for a look around in the craft room. What is here so far just over the hour to make.

 I'm not going to buy more as I only need a few yards to finish it off, so it will be what i can find in the craft room....

17 January 2014

New projects for 2014..lots of colours or something more subtle

Silk/Cotton Wrap

 mini version before it grew

Lots of colours too...

The same Circle Star in a different colour and cotton only
using brights and an extra round options

Malabar Silk/Cotton and Plain colours of Classique Cotton

16 January 2014

Granny shell, sc and reversed granny shell...

Another version of the Granny Shell, sc stripes....with the additional row of reversed granny shells making an hour glass looking stitch.

13 January 2014

A simple granny shell and sc....

Combination of granny shells and a sc in stripes...simple but effective.
in Sylecraft Classique Cotton and  4mm hook

or Stylecraft Special DK and a 4mm hook
Decided to finsihing the neck, front, hem band on the coat and the NO CHOCOLATE didn't last long...someoe naughty bought a box of Quality Street home didn't they.
The no sugar in y tea is still going ok though. lol

12 January 2014

Crochet Granny Square Coat Finished?

Not sure....so I am going to sleep on it for  day or so before adding the band around the neck....I like it but not really sure if I like on me or not

so no modelling yet until I am TOTALLY happy with it.


11 January 2014

Granny Square Shrug...

Got to a metre, just under 600 grams of yarn...sewed up the seams and tried it on....
it fits, but it's a jacket and I want it to look more like a coat so onwards we go,
another 100-200grams to add.

09 January 2014

400 grams of Wizz Aran

Another ball added......and it now measures about 32''
Some work to do today, but hoping I can play some more and that it will be finished by Monday...crossing everything.
I think it would have made a lovely throw too.

07 January 2014

Wizz Aran, Granny Shrug progress...

200grams crocheted has made a square of 21/22" 54/56cms.
It needs to be almost twice that, something in the region of 40" 100cm
sorry the picures aren't brilliant the light at the moment is awful...I do miss the light in Lanzarote.

Will it be a shrug by the end of the week?...Hope so.

06 January 2014

Wizz Aran mesh scarf and a granny shrug in the making...

Looks like the Wizz Yarn has been around for a while I found, when I started to look on Ravelry for yarns.....118 projects in the making it seems!
My scarf is a just a few rows short of being finished, just want to match up the ends a bit better.
I had planned on playing with the yarn, trying s few different patterns to see which worked best.
A Granny square was one of them....to be made into a shrug.

I thought it might work as a granny but when i saw this Giant Granny made in the same colour Wizz Aran by.....
on Ravelry

Mesh Scarf Pattern
US terms
Row 1: htr, in each st. (39sts)

Row 2: 3tr, ch3, 3tr ch3, repeat to end finish with 3tr.

Row 3: repeat row 1, htr in every st. and 3htr in ch3 sp.

Row 4: repeat row 2, tr, on top of tr of 2 rows below and ch3 between.
continue to repeat rows 1 and 2 until the length required

Don't you just love the ease of a random dyed yarn, no ends to deal with, well almost none.
My scarf is about a ball...200grams. and I used a 4mm hook not a 5mm as recommended.

04 January 2014

Wizz Aran a supermarket buy

Not a bad yarn either...
Tried a few pointed petal flowers and a treble mesh stitch.
And i have added a few more flowers to the round petal piece.
A very similar pattern.
4mm hook and not the 5mm hook advised though.

A treble, treble with hdc inbetween.
Happy Hooking x
Happy New Year to you all
Sorry for the delay in posting, i've been trying to do this post for 3 days now.....do I need a new laptop?
For 2014 I am going to choose a different inspiration.
January 2014 is Aboriginal Art....a collection of pictures has been added to a folder on Pintrest here
and a quick play with an idea yesterday to start me off.
Happy Hooking to all in 2014