28 December 2012

New CROCHET project

Same stitch as the bolster...Moss St. stripes.
The new lap blanket is so cosy and a perfect size at 38" x 56"
I will make this one again in a different colour way.
Hope everyone had a Great Christmas and you are all ready for 2013?
2012 has disappeared so fast don't you think?
Thinking of a picture collection for 2012 so many pictures I still can't show you but i am sure i can find 12 for 2012.
Hugs to all x

07 December 2012

BIRDCAGE WALLPAPER...bedroom may be

Acouple of days ago I saw this wallpaper in B&M Stores...another Arthouse wallpaper
thought it might look good in the en suite and our bedroom.

just on the top bit where the silver wresath is and one wall in the en suite.
 We plan on a new suite in spring next year...may be I should wait?
probably not though got the wallpapering bug, about right for me just before Christmas hehe
enjoy your weekend everyone xx

06 December 2012

Let's see it today is any easier?

Not too sure what had happened to my laptop for the last couple of days, I down loaded something and it seemed to take over Google Chrome so I deleted it and added Internet Explorer...not so easy to use all sorts of things disappeared and changed...this morning they all seem to be back again so lets see if I can add this post as before!
Eventually got the wallpapering done.....just two rolls but they have been lookig at me for months now
so far so good.....!
They hate each other and a scrap usually happened when Mr T pushed his luck, he can be a bit of a bully sometimes and Lettuce although big is timid and a good girl, she never used to fight back but wasn't going to put up with Mr T's bad behaviour so she packs a wallop now....Mr T will still try it on sometimes, but does give her a wider birth than before.
James weighted her the other day...a big cat and she weighs 1st 2lbs hehe a a big girl hey?
Put my hand out to get another ball of wool yesterday and I got a furry purrrrr. lol
Splodge had snook into my wool bag and I didn't see him hehe.
Can't believe everything with the blog seems to be back to normal again.
My first Christmas party tonight...lucky, my 6 weekly hair appointment is today too.
Have a fun day xx

04 December 2012

Crochet bolster..Moss st. stripes

Really having all sorts of problem this morning uploading picture.....
Hoping this is the end to it....
 enjoy your day hugs xx

02 December 2012


We bought a purple sofa a few months back...love it to look at 
but it is soooo uncomfortable that I decided to move it into the dining room and bring a couple of the Ikea bouncy chairs into the lounge, for now at least.
I needed a foot stool, the ones that go with the chairs fill up too much space.
This was a good solution....£3.99 from B&M Stores

strong enough to stand on and great storage...I bought A LIME GREEN ONE months ago.
the fabric that it is made with is nasty, so it needed a cover....I found a piece of crochet that had never been finished, lots of those in my craft room lol
It was originally meant to be a blanket, then I thought it would make a garden chair cover....
but has been re-modelled into a cube/storage/seat/ foot stool for the new look comfy, winter crochet/TV space in the corner of the lounge.
Just big enough
so my little Winter crochet corner is almost complete, just need to finish the Moss st. blanket

Have fun xx

26 November 2012


The time for shopping is here...Only a month away too.
A little something to keep my toes warm and only £4
and a couple of pairs of £1 reading glasses in stripes
can't show you the pressies bought for others though...wouldn't want to spoil their surprises

have a fun filled week everyone
hugs xx

24 November 2012


A PEG POT bag I think..
But in Moss Stripes...might take this with me to make on the coach tomorrow then my trolly will have lots of space for possible crafty buys and books?

enjoy your Sunday xx 


Almost managed to do all the holiday washing but with Phil having an accident badly cut hand d 6 stitches and a week at home with me, a great day out with a new crochet loving friend and watching a couple of great films plus a visit to Phil's twin sister the crochet has taken a back seat for once.

 A couple of samples but the light is so bad at the moment pictures are not looking so great
Knitting and Stitching show day out tomorrow... a long day but hoping to manage a few rows of the moss stitch blanket on the 7 hour journey there and back.

Hugs to All xx

20 November 2012


A selection of Moss Stitch samples, with colour variations you can make all sorts of patterns..
 from tweedy looks to spots and stripes all just by changing the colour combinations
 lots of fun to be had with Moss Stitch don't you think?
have fun xx

06 November 2012


All of us that crochet know that this rainbow of colour is on trend don't we?

Pantone prediction for Spring 2013...

Softer, chalkier versions of the rainbow, all my favourites, what about you?

Have a terrific Tuesday Everyone x

05 November 2012


Fun to make and can be used for all sorts of Christmas projects.

and the 
Instructions included to do the 5 and 6 point star and snowflake

have a fun filled week everyone x

04 November 2012


Lettuce decided I need some help with the Shell stitch cushion...

have a fun filled Sunday everyone x

03 November 2012


Oooops I was woken up at 4.15 this morning but fell asleep again about 9ish and didn't wake up until 12, but managed to finish the 2nd Shell stitch cushion by about 4 this afternoon.
The motif bag in the collage, that isn't quite finished would make a great cushion too, don't you think?

Can't finish the second straight Moss stitch as I have run out of one of the most important colours. 
So a cone of cashmerino and a James C Brett marble are about to become something.

Have Fun x

02 November 2012


Forgot to show you these, a friend ask if I would make her a peg bag a few weeks back, so I made a couple one for her and one for myself in soft cotton string, £1 for 4 balls, and i think it took a couple to make a pot.

 bargain don't you think? 

The shell one is mine and the flower one was for Fiona, she liked it that much is keeping it as a bag for her and now I have another one to make hehe

have fun, shell stitch cushion is calling me today. x

30 October 2012


First Christmas fayre of the year this morning and I bought two wonderful gifts for someone.
A beautiful purple scent bottle

A FABULOUS pair of striped handmade socks for the silly price of dare I say £3.50...
What a wonderful pressie they will make for someone...
Aren't they gorgeous?

Cushion progress not good...
The Moss stitch cushions aren't getting the attention they need right now. Lots of new stitch samples to play with lol.

I will finish them and then make a patchwork cushion of all the samples too...
I think it will work alongside the others
Simple shell stitch and an easy ripple cushion to go with the moss stitch plus the patch work.

Still looking for the right buttons for the new Cashmere Cowl?

Have fun x

29 October 2012


Been playing with a few ripples and waves over the weekend instead of finishing my Moss stitch cushions......
Re-pinned a pattern on PINTREST 

I Love crochet diagrams so much easier to follow than reading written patterns, you can see it all in one look, except of course if you miss read it because you haven't got your glasses on but I realise quite quickly I had made a mistake....oops!

Love the pattern but getting the right hook size so the crochet isn't hard and the right yarn to ripple can take a bit of time, not right yet and once you get going the pattern isn't as complicated as it looks

love the pattern, 
love the colour, 
love the variegated yarn....
but the hook size isn't right yet. This JAMES C BRETT Marble DK has never felt hard before but it does with this sample so I will try a 5mm hook instead of a 4mm, see if it softens up a bit.

Treated myself to a few colours of 100% Cashmere from COLOURMART on monday, probably the most expensive yarn I have ever used and if I am very honest it is like old rope to work with (oiled yarns), I have string softer lol.......but I had already made and washed a 
granny square and WOW! it is so soft and beautiful after washing.

A Before and after picture tomorrow of the Ripple Button Cowl 

Moss stitch cushions to finish...
have fun x

update: Styelcraft by Susan Pinner 
Ripple pattern

use the code YART10 for a 10% discount

and lots more to see 

27 October 2012

When does an open shell stitch become a 'v' stitch...love the shell stitch and all it's variations was playing yesterday with a sample.
Can you tell in this sample when the stitch changes from an Open Shell Stitch to a Double 'V' Stitch?

NO NEITHER CAN I...and I did the sample!

so which is it then?

the first row from the bottom: 2dc 2ch 2dc
the second row: 2dc 1ch 2dc
the 3rd 4th 5th rows: 2dc no ch 2dc
6th and 7th: 2dc 1ch 2dc
at least I think that is how I did each row???

but the difference was so slight, the only thing that happened when you use 2 ch it grew sideways and no chain it pulled back in again maybe it is a little more open than no chain space but really it would be hard to decide don't you think?

Moss Stitch throw in the making..
So I have been a bit distracted from the Moss Stitch cushions, peeking at me from my string bag ....

25 October 2012


Sorry I didn't get back to this yesterday, I forgot that it was wonderful Wednesday.

Wednesdays as from a couple of weeks back is now filled with new friends, cups of coffee and shared knitting and crochet at a KNIT AND NATTER group in Shrewsbury....Thanks Erika for a fabulous and friendly group, so pleased I made it to your group eventually and Thanks Maralyn for suggesting I go along. 
A fabulous group of girls who made me feel very welcome from the first minute I arrived....Thanks Girls I look forward to many a fun filled Wednesdays from now on.

4 of us took a trip to Colinette yesterday too, a fabulous wool store well worth a visit. 

Here is the new stitch numbers for the Diagonal Cushion Pattern I shared a couple of days back

When I did the pattern I forgot how moss stitch tightens up and has very little stretch, unlike dc used in the original  Diagonal Striped cushion

These sts numbers are for Moss Stitch only
Using a double strand of DK worked together and a 5mm hook

70 base chain, made a 13" diagonal cushion but will make an 18" straight cushion 
82 base chain, will make a 16" diagonal cushion
90 base chain will make an 18" diagonal cushion
98 base chain will make a 20" diagonal cushion

BUS STOP KNITTER, how new friends can be made?
Met someone at the bus stop yesterday polite chat revealed she was an avid knitter and we had a great chat, I got out my crochet on the bus and she came over to see what I was doing, she loved the Moss Stitch and said she would definitely be having a go....new friend made? lol


23 October 2012

CROCHET: Moss Stitch Diagonal Cushion and Border pattern

Remember these diagonal striped cushions in simple rows of dc [tr)?

Making a new version of the cushion picking the colours from the new rug...

Moss Stitch Border
A simple but effective stitch 
Round 1: start in a corner, sc, [dc], ch3, sc [dc], in the corner sp, miss a st, sc [dc], in the next st, ch 1, miss a st, repeat to end of row, repeat corner sc [dc],  ch3, sc [dc], continue to repeat side and corner stitches, to end sl st to complete cut off and weave in ends

Round 2: change colour and repeat round 1

Quick pictorial HOW TO for the diagonal MOSS STITCH CUSHION
sorry this is only in US Terms
Diagonal Cushion in the round
For approx. 18" cushion pad
6mm hook 
2 strands of DK worked together as one or chunky yarn will make a firm and durable cushion cover
RECOMMENDED: Tension sample first
US Terms in black, UK Terms in brackets in red

ch90 stitches (length of the diagonal) in the first colour, 
ROUND 1:Cont. in 1st col. sc [dc], down one side of the ch70, then return and sc [dc], up the other side of the chain, 
an even number is required if you are doing Moss Stitch in the round

ROUND 2: changed colour every round, sc [dc], miss a st, ch1, sc, [dc], miss a st, ch1 repeat to end of round, sl st to complete

change colour every round to give a tweed look to the Moss st.

Any stitch combination and any colourway (plain or striped) can be used for this cushion just start with the chain and sc all around the chain.

same colour every round..plain texture only
change colour every round...tweedy look
use 2 colours, used alternately gives a strip

Start with a long chain the width of the cushion, but you will need to crochet twice the length of the diagonal cushion length to cover a cushion this way.

Hope to have the first cushion finished for pictures tomorrow morning

over the opposite corners, the number of rows you need to make it meet in the middle.....so keep going until the 'bag fits the cushion pad comfortably 
and meets in the centre diagonal

Straight cushion Bag
Above straight cushion bag...70sts base chain.


Moss stitch tightens up a little as you work it, this is a guide to the number of stitches for a particular size of cushion pad, but you would be best to do a tension sample as Moss stitch has very little stretch

These sts numbers are for Moss Stitch only
Using a double strand of DK or chunky worked together and a 6mm hook

70 base chain, will make a 13" diagonal cushion...but make an 18" straight cushion bag

82 base chain, will make a 16" diagonal cushion
90 base chain will make an 18" diagonal cushion
98 base chain will make a 20" diagonal cushion