16 November 2013

Crochet jewellery or wrist warmers?

They certainly keep you warm....jewelled wrist warmers then?
 Fun to make Chunky jems....
old bits of broken or cheap charity shop jems used to make a few decorative pieces.

12 November 2013

Crochet Button Puffs.....

Stephane Inspired
 Fun Time....
 with sock wool and plains...
Happy Hooking xx

11 November 2013

Stephane Martello alias mister crochet....I'm inspired

...........very inspired to play with organic forms.
Loving this creative crocheter and it's a guy too...

St├ęphane Martello
His crocheted designs are fabulous
Martello is inspired by nature and he has been influenced by seashells and barnacles in his architectural creations.
His designs are unisex and he combines architecture and knitwear into wearable works of art.
I'm inspired....
And all done with sc..

09 November 2013


I'm working on several designs for Stylecraft and one of the wonderful yarns I am using is
Classique Cotton DK, 4mm hook.
A wonderful cotton to crochet with....it's the first cotton yarn I've used that
hasn't kept splitting....no stopping me now.
Just some of the yummy colours I'm playing hooky with...
and new colours being added all the time.
Sorry I cant show you any of the designs to be released in London, in February.
Thanks Stylecraft for asking me to design for you, and thanks for choosing 6 designs and then adding 3 more....I am so excited about all of these projects.
It's been a great deal of fun working with such a lovely team at Stylecraft.

08 November 2013

Black and white Crochet Moss Stitch Stripes......

Made a little progress on the throw,
a couple of hours a morning is adding about 4 inches a day....
Run out of black and only enough left to do one more cream row...

Enjoy your weekend

06 November 2013


A new blanket...inspired by THIS, saw it a couple of days ago on Pinterest.
Loved it so much I am making my version of it
and in my favourite MOSS STITCH
 MOSS STITCH STRIPES....alternate rows of cream and grey or cream and lime,
changing every so many rows to create secondary broad stripes
 only a few inches done so far black and cream to be added soon
a couple of them in black and white

 alternate rows of black and white for stripes
two rows white, one row black for spots
Happy Hooking x

03 November 2013

Almost half way down another Poncho with wrist warmers attatched...

Remember this....
 It is a bit of an odd shape but I love it so much,
it's comfy and warm and I love wearing it, so I'm making one in lime and aqua....
run out of Lime Green Marble to do any more for now....wrist warmers to do next then the remainder of the body

01 November 2013

Single Crochet Rombus panel for bag....

And a second almost completed last night...too dark to take a picture yet...can't sleep so up in the early hours again....yaaaawn!!
 Loving the inset panels....a lot.
but look what arrived late yesterday....
so back to work for me.
Happy Hooking everyone xx
Someone has pinned my picture of SPOT MOSS STITCH onto Pinterest from
and I thank you very much,

They have added a caption on how to do this version of the stitch INCORRECTLY
and a lot of others have pinned it from them...oooops!
If you pin a copy please make sure you have the correct info.
If you followed their instruction you would end up with A VERTICAL STRIPE MOSS STITCH
and not the dot effect in the picture.