21 May 2012

Noo Noo's New Throne in disguise as a buddy seat in the camper


Morning and thanks for all the lovely comments......good to hear from you all
Bit of a set back this morning after a great day yesterday....laptop has lost it's screen just a blackness staring back at me.......GREAT HEY?

Phil found a cable and plugged me into the 40" TV so now l am sitting on the floor with a dead leg looking up at the big Telly and trying to use my blacked out laptop...another expense I could really really do without right now...repair or new laptop is the question?
Any way sharing the new throne Phil made for Noo Noo yesterday and I made a seat for it so it can go incognito lol hope you like it?

 thanks again for all the messages off to make a decision about not eating for a month as I need a new laptop or live with a dead leg on the floor in front of the big TV!!!!!......lol

hugs to all x 

20 May 2012


Just popped in to say Hi and thanks for the PM's, still working hard at the book projects, things are coming together but boy is it hard work and the craft room is buzzing 
buckets of wool every where 
take a peek through the starry curtain...

I am afraid the craft room is a bit of a mess right now but no time to tidy up
I am doing something like 15 hours a day of crochet right now, not every day, but almost.
Everything for the book needs to be finished by the end of July
.Eventually I might make this star blanket bigger and use it as a full length curtain, I hung it up along side the paper flower hanging for colour inspiration

We had a fabulous holiday in Lanzarote
The reception and bar area where there was great entertainment every night
40 foot palm trees too...bit of a wow as we walked in on the first day

If we sat up in bed this is the view over the balcony metres from the sea
to the right was the pool
to the left

front of the Hotel..definitely recommend it, all inclusive never done that before but again we all thought it was  perfect and the food was fabulous
We all want to go back again later in the year...fingers crossed

Thanks again for all the support while I am missing from blog land and working very hard

Hugs to all 
Hoping all will be back to normal by the end of July