21 January 2012

HELLO...remember me?

Sorry for neglecting you all for the last couple of weeks, especially after l started a new blog with the promise of lots of lovely new ideas
But I am back in blogland and with lots of tit bits to share again 

The reason l went quite for a while is that l was approached by a publisher to write a crochet book...I was just so excited but terrified at the same time

We all had a meeting yesterday just outside Brighton, I met the team I will be working with and it all went really well. We drove down yesterday had the meeting and stayed in one of their flats over night drove back today after having a peek at Brighton

The flat was wonderful and the team were really lovely and made me feel very welcome and at ease,
so it looks like I have a new crochet book to write....
Now l know the brief I can share some of what I have been working on through January
Hope you will all be as pleased as l am, it is a dream come true for me, something l have always said l would do one day...seems like that day has arrived
Wish me luck, I'll need it....a huge challenge for me

For now how about a few stripes..2 rows of sc in a variety of colours
rainbow of wavy stripes 
lots of blue stripes

greens and reds
 and some tweedy ones too..
Don't you just love stripes?

plus a few triangles

and the mesh stitch scarf it coming along great too and a hat appeared 
to go with the collar both patterns on their way soon

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.
Foka Gomez


10 January 2012

Not around much last few days

After starting this new blog and with lots of new ideas to share a fabulous opportunity has dropped in my lap, can't say too much just yet, don't want to mess it all up until it is all in the bag, but promise to be back with an update asap
sorry to be so mysterious 
Hugs to all and hope your New Year has got off to as wonderful a start as mine has

What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be.
Mark Victor Hansen

04 January 2012


TIP: Take a measurement and do a sample before you start the project
It didn't fit James, so l got myself a new hat
 complete with swirl decoration and a rolled bottom

A variation on yesterdays mesh......Chain multiples of 4 sts plus 2sts extra
This scarf was 40 chain, 
A 5.5mm hook and made with a mix of 3ply random dyed sock yarn and pale shades of a number of DK ends of balls crocheted in stripes

Chain 40
ROW 1: SC in every stitch
ROW2: turn then 2 Trebles 2 chain 2 trebles 2 chain until the row is complete 
ROW3: turn then SC in every stitch
repeat ROWS 2 and 3 until your scarf is as long as you want it
finish with a SC row 

Whizz Aran 5mm hook

Row 1: sc in every st turn
Row 2: ch1, sc in every st, turn
Row 3: ch 3 counts as first tr, tr in next 2 sts, ch3 miss 3 sts, tr in next 3 sts, ch3 miss 3 sts, repeat to end, finish with a tr in last 3 sts, turn
Round 4: sc in first 3 sts, 3 sc over ch sp, sc in next 3 sts, 3sc over ch sp, repeat to end, turn
Round 5: repeat round 3.
Round 6: repeat round 4
continue to repeat rounds 3 and 4 until scarf is the length you require

If you can dream it, you can do it.
Walt Disney

Have Fun

03 January 2012


My lovely son came for dinner again yesterday and saw my new tweed mixes...and placed his order...

Mixing a plain DK with a 3ply sock yarn, all in SC work back and forth using  4mm hook
Chain 70 join into a circle (Be careful not to twist the chain)
ROW 1: SC in every st
repeat row one working it back and forth not just on one side, until it is long enough for the head it's made for, for this one i worked 19 ROWS
Divided it into 4 equal sections and decreased 4 stitches every round until only 4 stitches remaining 
sew hole together
Add pompom....leaving the choice to James
If it needs to be bigger you can just go up a hook size or two or just add stitches either will work

Having made this one l would try working the next from the top down

PROMISE 1: Progress
 only half done because l made James' hat last night
Adding a 2" band of stripes 2 rows of SC for each stripe in pairs of colours 

Decided to make this blanket in bands of pattern so l don't get bored with it and can do something new for each band, just keeping the same colour palete

My wonderful OH bought me a very unexpected present for Christmas...so pleased with it l cried a little
I couldn't wait to add a book or two and the first one l bought was an 
Still working out what l can and can't do with it. Aren't l a lucky girl?
Love, love ,love it..Thank you Phil you're a darling xx

Any one got one? Any tips?..please let me know 

Vision without action is merely a dream. 
Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!
Joel Arthur Baker

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02 January 2012


Do you, like me, love all the tweedy and blended yarns?
But find the cost puts you off?
Most of us have an odd ball of random dyed sock yarn in the stash some where and l'm sure we all have just a few ball ends of plain acrylic or wool colours?
For this collar l mixed a fine sock yarn together with random stripes of Stylecraft acrylic in several colours and a 4.5mm hook 
I started with 70 chain as a base and decreased when l thought it needed it to make a collar shape
then added a shell stitch to the curved edge and added a couple of DC rows to give the wavy edge
added a soft crochet button and a loop 
But decided it looked better as a tight collar so l will add a button to fasten it when l find the right one
and think it give a very good but low cost version of the more expensive tweedy yarns available
update on Pattern notes: 4.5 mm hook, chain 70 to start
All made in SC and l use US terminology makes more sense to me than UK terms lol
Decrease one stitch at the beginning of every row until you have about 45 stitches left, changing your plain coloured yarns in a random combination
I did 4 orange red, 2 orange, 4 pink red, 2 red pink, 2 plum, 2 red pink, 2 plum, 2 pink red, 2 orange,3 pink red...25 rows

My new Freeform circle cowl
Using the same tweedy blend of sock yarn and a deep pinky red l made several different shaped circles in a variety of combinations
 Joining them together as l made a few but trying it on all the time
Adding the right size circle into the right space as l went,
Edging it with a blend of plum and sock yarn and a single row of SC
It is quite shaped and sits perfectly on my shoulders with a slight dip at the front all joined together with SC all made with a 4mm hook
Red is really hard to photograph l find so i hope you can see the detail ok?

Again using a beige random dyed sock yarn and plain Stylecraft Acrylic in cream, beige, tan and brown
ROW 1 chainless foundation 
ROW 2: 2DC 2 Chain 2DC 2 chain turn
ROW 3: SC in every stitch turn
ROW 4: repeat row 2 making sure the 2DC is exactly above making a square pattern

Tomorrow l hope to show you the next stage in THE PROMISE No.1

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things.
Steve Jobs

Have Fun

01 January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR...cheers to 2012

 Hope you all have a wonderful 2012

Thanks for popping by
What to expect from The 8th Gem in 2012....

Hope you will join me on my free form crochet journey though 2012