26 July 2017

21 February 2016

CROCHET: Spinning Top Hexagon throw

The Spinning Top throw...is also growing
pictures here with the square version and the triangle sample from 2013

Hexagon, diamond or square.....

Diamond or Square
 Diamond sample
hexagon, diamond and square to use up all those left over ends

31 January 2016

Stylecraft New Release pattern

I think this one might be my favourite blanket ever...

Pattern number 9255

but if you go to the 
click link

they might be able to tell you the pattern number

25 January 2016

11 January 2016

New work room table...and a 6' sample board to fill

Needed a table a gate leg so i can fold it away a bit...local second hand shop had 2 in
Picked a solid Oak with painted legs...heavy or what!
 started a second unfinished project (on the table) as I ran out of yarn to finish the Alpaca flowers
 then found a small ball of it so I can make a few more flowers but more yarn on it's way

 I knew if I put a cushion underneath some one would find a new place to sleep
 New 6' sample board to fill, 

using the 15 minute rule I will soon empty all the bags of samples to clear the floor space a bit

06 January 2016

CROCHET: More Fans of my books wonderful projects

More lovely makes from Fans of my books
If you don't see your project let me know I already have another set of fabulous  fans projects waiting to go, all are welcome

Granny Squares and Shapes

Granny Squares 

by Susan Pinner

Mandala from my stool pattern in Granny Squares

and a beret too

Another Mandala from the wonderful

Beautiful pillows from my first book by 
Beautiful work Claudia

Marjan has made a fab cushion 
from the stool cover in my book

Maureen Cross 
Has made some awesome cushions from the new book

Jan Richards
is also making the cushions..... wonderful

Another beautiful blanket from
Martyna Bilska Martin

04 January 2016

CHALLENGE 2016: with a 15 minute commitment a day over a year

It's a Blanket...I really didn't think i could commit to do a blanket in 15 minutes a day but after thinking wrap and then finding that using the close 'v' stitch it would end up about 12' 2" long.....bit over the top

So over night I gave it some thought and its now a blanket, same stitch, same yarn but made in 4 approx. 3' squares one for each 4 months
mock up to show the idea

02 January 2016

A COLOUR EXERCISE: Temperature project, not easy to pick the colours

Trying to decide on colours for a Temperature/mood, blanket/scarf...was not easy but very interesting
I ended up with 4 seasons, each having a version of most of the colours 
Very personal and some shades are missing from each of the groups, this wasn't the same as OH would pick, so i guess it would be different for you too..but certainly an interesting and helpful exercise to do


some greens missing

some blues missing

a particular shade of orange need here too

Now to pick 21 colours, for the UK
which colour for which degree
below zero - 30+ degrees?

1: below zero..white or cream 
2: 1\2 deg
3: 3\4 deg
4: 5\6 deg
5: 7/8 deg
6: 9\10 deg
7: 11\12 deg
8: 13\14 deg
9: 15/16 deg
10: 17\18deg
11: 19\20deg
12: 21 deg
13: 22 deg
14: 23 deg
15: 24deg
16: 25 deg
17: 26 deg
18: 27 deg
19: 28deg
20: 29 deg
21 30+ deg
below zero has got to be white or cream, still working on making a decision for the others...can i pick from each of the groups as the day happens? 
Not sure yet...
so for now its a record of temperature for each day.

JAN 1st 5 degrees grey but bright
JAN 2nd 8 degrees grey but bright