30 August 2014

Update on a HOMESPUN READERS version of my design

Hi Homespun,
On receiving my August copy of Homespun, as soon as I saw Sue Pinner’s "All That Brightly Blooms" crochet blanket, I just had to drop everything and make it. I changed the colours to suit me and I am thrilled with the result. I always finish my crochet blankets with crab stitch, I find it looks tidier, (on my work anyway).
I am an "O.C.C" ( Obsessive Compulsive Crafter!!) and my wool stash is as bad as my material stash ... It was certainly a way of using up some odd balls of yarn that I had. I have started on another crochet blanket, so Sue keep those patterns coming.
Regards Margaret McDonald.

A mail from Homespun arrive in the week, with a picture and a letter (above) from a delighted reader, who had made the throw from the August magazine....isn't it wonderful?
Well done Margaret McDonald

 Sorry the pictures won't size up

 Below is the original before I added the flowers, a black background version

Book 2 update
I'm about to post the next 5 designs for Book 2, that's 3/4 of the designs finished.
Going really well so far, almost finished, and really pleased with everything so far.

Sylecraft Life


13 August 2014

Absent blogger!!!

Sorry I've not been around much for a few weeks, i'm still working my little socks off lol.
I've just sent the second set of design for the new book and its a lot easier this time round.
I know what I am doing this time, well so far anyway.
On target at least, commissioned designs are also keeping me really busy and I have just been sent the latest copy of HOMESPUN...it includes a design i did for them and a small article about me too.
All the Stylecraft pattern I did last year are selling well, so I am told, I have done quite a few more since then, so crossing fingers they are as successful.
My favourite is the teacosy and the flower topped pots and mats.
The Sylecraft patterns are available from lots of places so hope you will buy one or two of the designs and give them a go.
This set of patterns use mostly
I have already seen a few around in blog land.
Latest Yarns i am using for the book are
...a super soft and gorgeous Almerino, in the most scrummy of colours, hoping to do 2 projects in the new book using the Almerino.
Stylecraft, Cassique cotton, Senses and the Alpaca should all be in the new book too.
All super gorgeous yarns.