26 January 2013

Super Chunky Cowl...and a GS coat in the making

New super chunky cowl, and the GS coat in the making...
made some wrist warmers to go with the cowl but no photo yet.
If you want a really quick project, try the super Chunky yarns.
76 Granny Squares for the coat made so far
Happy Hooking everyone x

24 January 2013

Granny Square jacket...or it might be a coat

Added a few more squares yesterday at Knit and Natter
working the jacket/coat in two halves because it is a design in the making, I am deciding what size, length and shape I want as I go
Left a square out at the neck but it now has one in the back.
Basically a kimono Style.....
1: Tried a sleeve of 4 square width and a triagle under the arm first but that was too bulky
2: Second option was to make a wider kimono style sleeve with 6 squares. That works so far
3: The sleeve length will be next I think
4: Then the jacket/coat length
5: Then the width..wide and loose or a slimmer fit
6: Then the neckline and edging
Pop in for regular updates
Happy Hooking everyone x

22 January 2013


Made a few more circle last night and this morning because I decided to make a Granny Square Jacket
I have enough circle to make a jacket front, going to make them all before I crochet them together into a jacket...every one should be different.
And really should finish the lace top at least if not the wool/alpaca jacket as well, before aking the new jacket, not sure my will power is good enough though these colourfull little circle and the using up of end balls is very enticing lol
Mostly using up all those little end balls you have saved because you can't bear to throw them away
 and I am joining them with A beige Marble DK from James C Brett.
Happy Hooking every one x

21 January 2013

17 January 2013

CROCHET: WK 4 Granny Square Coat

Wk 4 Granny square......a circle in a square

A granny Square Coat from this motif it 
Could have been a jacket too

 Coloured circle dk in lots of colours
 back ground in a marble dk that changes colour for each square
4mm hook

Ch4, sl st into circle
Round 1: ch 2 counts as first dc [tr], 15dc [15tr], into circle, sl st to complete round 
(16dc [16tr])

Round 2: ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 1dc in same st, 2dc [2tr],  in each st, sl st to complete round (32dc [32tr])

Round 3: sc [dc], in any st, miss a st, ch3, sc [dc], in next st,  repeat 15 more times, sl st, to complete (16 ch3 loops)

Round 4: cont. in same yarn, 2dc [2tr], ch2, 2dc [2tr], ch1, 2sc [2dc], in next space, ch1, 2sc [2dc], in next sp, ch1, 2sc [2dc], in next space, ch1, repeat 3 more times 
(4 corners and 4 sides)

another variation.

Coat construction

Neck band
ROW1: sc in ever st, up one side around neck and down the second side, turn
ROWS 2-10: repeat ROW 1, until the band is approx, 2" wide


UPDATE: Added a variation to the Friday Flower 19. Jan 2013


15 January 2013

Crochet Lace Cuffs....

Another round on the oatmeal lace top, but I will soon need more yarn so need to track it down.
Bought a new cardy in the sales, same colour although a mat finish but the motif will make a great cuff as well as the top....
so I will order an extra ball for trims.
Happy Hooking x

13 January 2013


making progress with the bamboo/cotton top back and front has a triangle of flower motif's and a complete circle for the neck.
Found some wool/alpaca in an oatmeal colour in the sale today too so a moss stitch jacket about to be started to wear with this top I think...
Moss St sample....lovely yarn from the new Hobby Craft in Telford just £1.89 per 50 gram ball...grat price for wool /alpaca don't you think?
Happy Hooking everyone xx

12 January 2013

Number 2 and 3 already started

Funny how one granny square can grab you isn't it?
After finishing the Passion top and loving it so much and so did you it seems, thank you so much for all the lovely things you said about it...really cheered me up such lovely crochet Friends I have in the blog world
Any way back to the wk 2 GS 2013 Motif....I have started two more the plain one in a beige has a slight pattern change.....can you see it makes a slight difference to the design?
 a how to collage for the centre

other wise it is the same pattern, also can you see it is finer yarn and 4mm hook so a tad smaller
takes me about 8-9 minutes to make a motif now too so although I will need to make a few extra to keep the measurements the same, it probably wouldn't take me many more hours to make if I was making it exactly the same.

link to more about the 3rd Top HERE

WK3 Friday Fower is a bit late but will be on The Flower Bed By Monday

Happy Hooking everyone x

10 January 2013

MY FIRST JUMPER Wk 2 granny Hex motif used

Making a second right away in cotton or bamboo/cotton...really snuggly to wear....
and I love it so much.
Mr T watching me hehehe
Happy Hooking

Wk 3 2013 Granny Square....

This square has been requested, so if there are any other squares I have done and you want me to include them in the 2013 GS's, just leave me a message.
USA Terms 5.5 mm hook
Made for a camper blanket 6 x 7 squares in several shades with a striped dc border and a shell st edge.
Made with two strands of yarn a DK mixed with a 3 or 4ply...... 
first two rounds are made slightly darker with a random dyed sock yarn and  round 3 is made lighter with a lighter shade of a similar colour or cream 4ply added to the chosen base colour.
Then a black band used to join as you go in every stitch
6 rounds of alternate colour then black of 2strands of DK, a dc stitch in every stitch with 2dc 3ch, 2dc in each corner then a last round of the same chosen yarn for the 5dc st shell edging.
looks great as a diagonal cushion too...
Happy Hooking

06 January 2013

Granny Hex version wk 2 2013....

Week 2 Granny Hex option...
I think I like the hexagon version of Granny wk 2 better than the square

UPDATE: I have made a slight change to the pattern for the hexagon version
by making the petals a little longer

dk and a 4mm hook

USA Terms UK Terms in red brackets

1 finger wrap of 4 wraps or Ch5, sl st into circle

Round 1: 12dc [12tr], into circle, sl st, to complete.

Round 2: new colour, dc [tr], in any sp between sts, ch2, dc [tr], into next sp, ch2, repeat in all sps, making 12 spokes, sl st into first ch sp.

Round 3: ch3, 4tr [4dtr], ch3, sl st into same sp, sc [dc], into next sp, sl st into next sp *ch3, 4tr [4dtr], ch3, sl st, into same st, sc [dc], in next ch sp, sl st into next ch sp, repeat from * until you have completed 6 Petals, sl st to complete. (6 petals)

Using join as you go at petal point.

perfect for a shawl, collar wrap or a top
happy hooking
It did turn into a crop top

05 January 2013


Granny Squares in the broardest sense of the word so I will include some hexagons aswell as squares.

Granny Square Wk 2 Pattern.
Chain 4, sl st, into a circle.

Round 1: 16 dc into circle, sl st, to complete round.
Round 2: ch 4 as first dc and space, (the top of spoke), dc in next st, ch 2, repeat until you have
16 spokes, sl st, into second ch st to complete round.
Round 3: Start in any chain space, 2sc, sl st, into next space, ch2, 3dc,ch2 sl st, into same st, 2sc in next chain space, repeat until you have completed round sl st, into first sc.
Round 4: change colour, sc into the top of first st of ”petal’, sc in next st, ch1, sc in next 2 sts, ch 3, sc in next 2 sts, ch1, sc in next 2 sts, repeat until round complete, sl st to finish.

Round 5: with yarn stil attached ch1, 2sc in chain space, 3dc, 2ch, 3dc into next chain 3 space, 2sc in next chain space, ch1, 2sc in next ch space ch 1 2sc in next ch space, repeat from until round is complete, sl st into first st to finish (14sts each side)
Round 6: start in a corner space, 2dc, 2ch, 2dc, 1dc in next 13 sts, repeat until all four sides are complete, sl st to finish. (18sts each side)
multi coloured rounds or just 2 colours...

round 1: Just do 12 dc into circle

 round 2: make 12 spokes.
round 3:  6 'petals' and  6 spaces.

round 5: 2dc ,2ch, 2dc, in corner space and dc in 7sts for the 6 sides and not 2dc, 2ch, 2dc, 13 sts for 4 sides.

 week 3 Granny Square early next week
have fun

04 January 2013


now I can't add ANY pictures at all...GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 January 2013

Week 1 Granny square options


Hope you enjoyed the square.
Can't add any pictures at all today so adding 
 (It's private but mention the weekly cal and just send me a request to be added)
for all of the weekly GRANNY SQUARES and the weekly

Granny Square A Pattern a week

Original Lace Granny from 2011

 4 mm hook and DK
5mm hook and Aran
6mm hook and chunky or mis 2 strands of dk to make your own blended chunky yarn
 US Terms

Magic circle col. 1
ROUND 1: cont. col 1, ch5, [counts as first tr and ch2 sp],  repeat tr, ch2, 7 more times, sl st to complete [8spokes]

ROUND 2: col. 2.  Corner Start: 2tr, ch3,  2tr, ch1, 2tr, ch1, repeat 4 times, sl st, to complete [6tr each side]

ROUND 3: col. 3 Corner start: 2tr, ch3,  2tr, in corner sp,  ch2, 2tr, in next sp, ch2, 2tr, in next sp, ch2, repeat 4 sides, sl st to complete. [8tr each side]
ROUND 4: JOIN AS YOU GO ROUND, col. 2, or cont. in same col. 5sc in corner sp, 1sc, in each of next two stitches, 2sc, in sp, 1sc, in next 2st, 2sc, in next sp, 1sc in next 2st, 2sc, in next space, 1sc in next 2st, repeat for all sides, sl st, to complete. [5sc in corners, 14sc each side]
This sample was made using a 5mm hook and chunky or 2 strands of DK worked as one

Do 3 rounds and join as you go on round 4. Sl st, after each st into matching stitch of first completed square...
or stop at round 2 and join in each sp with a sl st....

or mix them up...different hook size and yarn or mix with another GS.