23 September 2013


A friend rang me the other day to say she had seen one of my book patterns in the magazine, INSIDE CROCHET, so off I trot to the shop to buy a copy, and on picking up SIMPLY CROCHET and having a browse find i am in that one too..how exciting is that?
 How one thing leads to another, a yarn company have aproached me to do 4-6 patterns for them after seeing one of the articles. Designs wanted before Christmas so a bit of a quick turn around, ready for a show in February 2014.......can life get any more exciting?
How's this for a perfect crochet outfit? lol.....
I will need something nice to wear don't you think, with no time to dress.  Lol

10 September 2013


I woke up to a view of my Stylecraft special DK log cabin progress.......and my new poncho.
I tidied the book case at the foot of the bed up yesterday, but already the crochet is decorating the space..

 Tried making a shrug from the two blocks but it was just a couple of inches longer than needed compared to the width, so it wasn't working..back to a blanket then!
And it was so cold last night I even wore my new poncho to pop to the supermarket.
Autumn around the corner.

08 September 2013

Pick and mix...

A pick and mix selection...just a few grannies lying around

and a garden seat cover that was never finished

02 September 2013

An Idea that never made the book....

Granny Square Double cushion covers
 to get a really decorative cushion cover cover a cushion cover with a giant granny square....big enough to fold round a cushion and meet in the middle, tie the ends together and add a motif
 this granny square made with a colourful tweedy mix of 3strands and a 7mm hook tied over a stripy cuhion cove to give the peek hole effect
Happy Hooking