08 March 2012

The book and first projects wanted already...

Love to blog and share projects but sorry to say I really am going to have to take a few weeks out, might even be a couple of months....the matter of a Book and one or two projects wanted already

Hope you will all be here when I get back?

I will try to pop in but...
having tried that one over the last few weeks, it's not getting the job done. 
So I think I need to crack the whip and get my act together..don't you?

We booked our Birthday celebration holiday...in about 6 weeks time so a lot needs to be completed by then
Wish me luck...I really need it

After the excitement of being asked to do the book the fear and self doubt grabbed me by the throat...
and oh! how it can paralyse you

Sending you all love and thanks for all the support, I'll be back
Just not sure when lol
hugs to all x

06 March 2012

BEEN PLAYING...and now l am very late

Just a quick post as I have been playing with an idea...and I am so late
I made a few more giant flowers, went to photograph them on the stained glass throw...other is still only a small sample
Brupbrup held it all down for me...

would it make a blanket for our bed..6'x6' plus sides too?

Haven't got time now to try but I think it would work what do you think?
need to clear the craft room table and lay them all out tomorrow
mean while I added the Kirsty Project (too hand) and laid them along side the giant flowers

I am so so late now.......

Enjoy your day hugs x

05 March 2012

Going to add some flowers

Remember these from October last year? Remembered the orange edged one so I dug them out from under the debris in my craft room that seems to have appeared again!...oops

Won't they look great applied to the new tweedy mix 'what ever it turns into project'...
I was inspired by the swap I received from Jan...need to make more of the orange ones I think

Enjoy your day hugs x

04 March 2012

The 3 keys to HAPPINESS....

LivingOrSurviving.com  always a good read and always makes sense to me...

I found my old sewing needle case I made years and years ago...note to self 
must do more embroidery

Something but not sure what  (I just know it is for me this time) is emerging from this project
might be a giant scarf or a wrap or it might be a jacket but it has my name on the label 

  The three keys to HAPPINESS..click for more 
1. Something to do
2. Something/someone to love
3. Something to hope for
Not always easy to do but always important to remember 
the kindle cosy has been very useful..just the right size for little shopping trips it is...

Enjoy your Sunday where ever you are x

01 March 2012

FABULOUS SWAP...all the way from Australia

A swap we have been doing on THE FLOWER BED..
what a lucky girl I am...fabulous work
thanks Jan..love them all
and there was even more...
plus lots of info on the area too.oh and the angel stitch marker wonderful x
huge hugs Jan thanks again chuffed to bits with the treasure you sent me xx