30 September 2012

intermitant Internet and no house phone....

Had no house phone for days and intermitant internet for a few days
feel so cut off from the world lol
But been delving into a bit more nostalgia...
remember these back in October last year, just realised a year ago.

Inspired by Sopie Digard...

and this scarf I gave to a friend for Christmas

found a ball of something no label so no idea what it is but it is very soft and doesn't make me itch so making somthing for me with it....
it's a randome dyed yarn and I am using a 3.5mm hook

And now I am being rushed as we are off to see Untouchables at the cinema 
have to catch up later got to go ...hugs x

28 September 2012

Easy Crochet felted Flowers...

Crochet or knit,  then pop in the washer, couldn't be easier
before felting
after felting...

 think I prefer the double version I made back in 2009 with 8 petals 
Felted flower notes
Can't find the pattern for this exact flower but from the pictures I think the pattern should work
Filz-it Felting wool is the yarn I used for the big flowers.

Another unbranded one slightly finer felting wool for the smaller ones
 Filtz-it says 9mm Hook
Finer Wool, probably a 7mm hook

PATTERN for 8 petal flower

Chain 6, sl st into a circle
Round 1: 12 sc into circle sl st to complete round (12 sts)
Round 2: 2sc in each st. sl st to complete round (24 sts)

Round 3 petals: Change colour,  Ch 3, 1dc in first st, in second st, 2dc, in third st, 1dc,3 chain, sl st, into same st. (8 petals)

Sl st into 4st and repeat until you have 8 petals, sl st to complete round
wash in machine 40 degree wash
shape and dry
Layer flowers and add a large decorative, black button.


Happy Hooking x

26 September 2012


Not sure what I am making yet...bags, bowls containers of some description but experimenting with mixing coloured yarns together and a bit of crochet felting

 Felting yarn in a spiral so it looks stripy...wip and will need to go in the washer to felt it plus a few more flowers for decoration
 might be a vase might be a bag......colour combinations and yarn mixes
flowers for all sorts of decorative uses

Working on the book again this week...a few more squares for use in the Book design pages

Have fun x

21 September 2012

Hyperbolic Flowered Collar

They take a while to make but lots of fun combining textures together...
on clips so I can add as many or a few as I want
to the basic collar...

19 September 2012

Just a couple of flower this morning..

Hyperbolic crochet double flower just needs a centre to finish it off...
must get my box of beads out do a bit of bead embroidery
Hyperbolic scarf I made from November 2009
Just double the number of stitches every row and the whole thing gets very frilly.
Planning a new Hyperbolic Flower Cowl for 2012

Dinner with friends tonight

Have fun x

18 September 2012

3 pieces of Freeform crochet to play with now...

Rips, holes and tear
Centre of the star blanket
and...bag finished, might line it and stiffen the organic top bit though

I'm in crochet heaven again.

16 September 2012

Back to basics with more Organic Freeform crochet

Going back to the Freeform Organic crochet again

using more natural yarns and interesting yarn combinations

also going to have a go at growing some Flax seeds next year and try to spin some Linen from it
as we have a Flaxmill restoration going on just down the road

If you need a pattern as promised a month or so ago, then PM me.

for my own sanity I am going back to the Freeform ideas I started at the beginning of the year and
the Freeform shapes I started over two years ago along with all the other natural and organic shapes that have kept me going over the last few weeks..
with some applied ideas thrown in for good measure, with a bit of embroidery as well.

one or two leaves....
lots of waves and circles and organic shapes...
might even finish the organic coat hanger...

Hugs x

10 September 2012


From a half made cushion, sorry the pictures aren't brill but it was so hard to get the detail of the centre to show up,in real life it looks lovely and textured that the camera seems unable to pick up easily.
I have a full pack of this yarn left so it will make a great throw for Bertie.....
sssshhhhhhh though 'cos I haven't told Phil. A Star for a star.lol

Did a bit of a time test on this one too, people always ask about how quickly I crochet?
So many things need to be considered but for this blanket I am crocheting:
17 dc, per minute, using a 6mm hook and chunky yarn 

When I picked it up again and decided to make  throw instead of a cushion, I did the first few rows with a 5mm hook....ooops the corners started to curl up?
 Only explanation was the hook size. So I tracked down an original photograph with a hook in the background, it was purple not yellow. 
Told me everything.

The week ahead...
Got myself a new haircut on Saturday morning, really have struggled to find a new hairdresser so I gave in and travelled back to my old home town and my old hairdresser...I got up Sunday morning and all I needed to do was run my fingers through it, it just fell into place...perfect. Thanks Barry 

Busy week at Bakewell all week, started with dinner last night, 6 old/new friends, Phil and 3 friends with their partners, they haven't seen each other for years, teenage pals originally.
Great evening we all seemed to get on really well, a promise to do it all again soon.

Today is a quite day, so a few hours on the star throw for me and no food or drink after 6 tonight...tomorrow morning I have a fasting blood test....an MOT for me, lol.

Then an exciting Wednesday, Thursday and may be Friday, at last we are having the new front door fitted and 3 oak ones inside. 
Light Oak with 3 small windows and a very long vertical door handle for the front. Can't wait

A touch of sciatica at the moment, falling asleep on the sofa most probably the cause.

The Book:
 I am told is on track and progressing well pattern checks have been completed, and the text editing will hopefully be completed tomorrow....the editor is soaking in a bath today she and her hubby did a 100 mile cycle ride yesterday, hope the soak does the trick for those aching limbs Judith. lol

Hugs x

09 September 2012


Click on the picture for more...
Sorry for being absent....won't bore you with the details but it's been a hell of a couple of weeks
Not picked up a hook and couldn't look at a ball of wool until a couple of days ago....
and my coffee cup inspired me to play again
I dabbled with some soft cotton string, cream alpaca and white cotton
still not quite back to normal but getting there slowly,

also been helping Phil with Bertie now he is beginning to look like a car that will make it to the road some day soon....

Sorry for not posting the promised patterns, I will try to do them just might
need a reminder of what I promised, there has been a lot of water under the bridge in the last couple of weeks.

All I will say is due to a very 'delightful young lady' and I use the phrase with tongue in cheek, I have been caused me a great deal of upset and anger, 
I've been in a very unpleasant place, not completely out of it yet but gaining control of my feelings again, oh! so slowly.

I have learnt a few things about myself and lost a HUGE amount of trust in certain people.
Those who know me on Facebook will have a slight inkling of what has happened and I thank them for all their comments and support.....and noooo, a baseball bat won't work lol

hugs to some x