14 December 2014

Selection of new cushions for Christmas, inspired from a motif in my Book Granny Squares 1

We needed some new cushion covers for the lounge I had some cream and pale grey  

 and i wanted to use them with a touch of gold to match the new sofa throws

Inspired by the motif in my first book Granny Squares

But with some changes, I used
with my favourite middle this time the finger wrap...so easy and no kno and no ends to deal with...some one at one of the shows commented it looks almost like an embroidered centre.

Patons woll blend Aran weight and 6mm hook so I only needed 9squares for each side
The grey is a bit scratchy but perfect for cushions that need to take some use.
Finger wrap to start
then the flower from the book then finish with a granny shell round

The Ivory cushion is another Aran but I'm not sure of the brand
used a 5mm hook for this one so i needed 16 motifs per side

The Bobble side is a basic circle cushion with 3 and 4 rounds of bobble stitches added
 and the flower side is this pattern...here
 Loving the touch of gold and the two colour striped band

Wanted 2 Ivory and 2 grey but run out of time now to do another ivory.....next year i will make another


11 December 2014

A Granny star or Snowflake

Sorry for being absent for so long...book 2 is finished just the proof reading to do still doing design work but some free time to play before Christmas.
Been trying to make the blogs easier to use so lots of old patterns are listed on the right hand side and i will do my best to share a new pattern or two from now on.
The first is.....
US Terms as always on my blogs
It's late now to take pictures of how too so I will add them in the morning
but this is the Snowflake Mat

Granny Snowflake Mat Pattern

Chunky or two strands of DK worked as one, 6mm hook.

A loose finger wrap of 6 wraps
Round1: 12dc into circle
Round 2: 2dc, ch1, 2dc, ch1, miss a st,  repeat 5 more times, sl st to complete. ( 12 x 2dc)
Round 3: 2dc ch3, 2dc in each corner sp, 3dc in each side sp, sl st to complete.
Round 4: 2dc, ch3, 2dc in ch3 sp, 2dc in in next 2sps, repeat 5 more times sl st to complete. (6 sides)
Round 5: 3dc, ch3,3dc in ch3 sp, 2dc in next 3sps, repeat for all sides, sl st to complete.
Round 6: repeat round 4 with 4 side sps.
Round 7: start in a corner sp, ch5, sl st into point, ch6, sl st into point, ch5, sl st into point, sc into next 6 sts, miss 2 sts, sc into next 6 sts, repeat for all sides, sls t to complete.
Makes a mat approximately 12" (30.5cm) from point to point

Update...decided no pictures needed so simple to follow

Great for decorations, coasters or joined together in a wrap or scarf

 Great buy from The Works....with teeny tiny sequine yarn £1 a ball and i'm sure it will make 6 stars 6" (15.25cms) point to point