27 July 2015

22 July 2015

CROCHET: Motifs used for Christmas decorations...would work all year round

 Stylecraft DK or cotton yarn
Palm size motifs from 2013

finger wrap of 6 wraps.

ROUND 1: 12 sc into the circle wrap, sl st to complete round.
ROUND 2: 2sc into every st, sl st o complete round.
ROUND 3: Start in any st, ch5, tr, ch5, sl st into the same st, sc, into the next 3 sts,
 sl st into the next st, repeat 5 more times. sl st to finish round.
ROUND 4: Att. yarn in the middle of the dip, 7sc, into the first ch, loop, 7sc, into the second ch, loop,
sc, into the middle st, of dip,
repeat 4 more times, on the last point, 7sc into first ch loop, ch 20 as hanging loop, 7sc into ch loop, sl st to complete round.
stiffen to hang or make many and join as you go into wrap or throw. 

Amelia Motif

21 July 2015

My New Book...Granny Squares and Shapes is now published

Thanks to all who have pre ordered, it should be on its way to you today

I do hope you all enjoy it as much as the first

07 July 2015

CROCHET: Baby Ripple Blanket Edging

 Finished the Baby Ripple with a simple Shell Stitch Edging keeping the ripple ends......if you spent time doing a ripple why fill in the ends?

ROUND 1: Attach yarn in the first corner sp (1st stripe), of straight side, 5dc (5tr) into the next sp, (2nd stripe),

 sc (dc), into next sp, (3rd stripe) 5dc (5tr) into next sp (4th stripe), 

repeat the shell pattern to the end of the straight side.
finish with a sc, (dc) in the last side sp (last stripe),

miss first two sts, 5dc (5tr) into the next st, miss 2st, sc (dc), into next st,

 miss 1st, 6dc (6tr), into the st at top point, miss 1st, sc (dc), into next st, miss 2sts, 5dc (5tr) into the next st, miss 2sts, 

sc (dc), into the botton st, (dip of ripple, the st that pulled the 3sts together) repeat the shell pattern to end of ripple end

Repeat shell pattern to the second side, repeat shell pattern to second ripple end sl st to complete. 

Cut and weave in end

 An easy 16sts repeat Ripple

04 July 2015

CROCHET: Mini Granny Squares

How many Mini's have you tried?

with all the variations, all the different yarns and all the fabulous colours there must be hundreds of combinations to play with?

and of course there is a couple of mini granny project in my book too on pages
60 and 64.

Yesterday I have a huge sort out more than 12 large blue Ikea bags of samples all now sorted and two bags of old samples have gone with a friend to the WI see if anyone can use them.

I found all the minis i have to date..from a simple two colour basic granny in cashmere

a granny with a twist... in Stylecraft Life and cashmere background
A 2 round granny Log Cabin in Stylecraft life
 A mini granny with a hole in it in fine mixed cotton threads
 A teeny tiny Sophie Digard style daisy granny...
 a 4 round mini..measuring no more and a inch...
 Tweedy solid minis..
 half inch 1round solid granny

with a great back too...in fine merino

 mini triangles..
and circle too...