02 January 2016

A COLOUR EXERCISE: Temperature project, not easy to pick the colours

Trying to decide on colours for a Temperature/mood, blanket/scarf...was not easy but very interesting
I ended up with 4 seasons, each having a version of most of the colours 
Very personal and some shades are missing from each of the groups, this wasn't the same as OH would pick, so i guess it would be different for you too..but certainly an interesting and helpful exercise to do


some greens missing

some blues missing

a particular shade of orange need here too

Now to pick 21 colours, for the UK
which colour for which degree
below zero - 30+ degrees?

1: below zero..white or cream 
2: 1\2 deg
3: 3\4 deg
4: 5\6 deg
5: 7/8 deg
6: 9\10 deg
7: 11\12 deg
8: 13\14 deg
9: 15/16 deg
10: 17\18deg
11: 19\20deg
12: 21 deg
13: 22 deg
14: 23 deg
15: 24deg
16: 25 deg
17: 26 deg
18: 27 deg
19: 28deg
20: 29 deg
21 30+ deg
below zero has got to be white or cream, still working on making a decision for the others...can i pick from each of the groups as the day happens? 
Not sure yet...
so for now its a record of temperature for each day.

JAN 1st 5 degrees grey but bright
JAN 2nd 8 degrees grey but bright

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