27 October 2012

When does an open shell stitch become a 'v' stitch...love the shell stitch and all it's variations was playing yesterday with a sample.
Can you tell in this sample when the stitch changes from an Open Shell Stitch to a Double 'V' Stitch?

NO NEITHER CAN I...and I did the sample!

so which is it then?

the first row from the bottom: 2dc 2ch 2dc
the second row: 2dc 1ch 2dc
the 3rd 4th 5th rows: 2dc no ch 2dc
6th and 7th: 2dc 1ch 2dc
at least I think that is how I did each row???

but the difference was so slight, the only thing that happened when you use 2 ch it grew sideways and no chain it pulled back in again maybe it is a little more open than no chain space but really it would be hard to decide don't you think?

Moss Stitch throw in the making..
So I have been a bit distracted from the Moss Stitch cushions, peeking at me from my string bag ....


  1. There is a famous saying: you can never have to many yarn loving friends who you can help out with something from your stash!
    And this one: Feed your stash! You never know when someone needs something from it!

  2. Really are people who love yarn ever a danger? I just can't imagine it. I think you are lovely to help these women and you made new friends to boot.

  3. A girl after my own heart. I love sharing my yarn with others. You can never have too much yarn.

  4. That ripple looks familiar, Sue! I love the colour, it smells of lavender !

  5. Thanks everyone hugs to all hope everyone had a great weekend
    Hugs x