03 January 2012


My lovely son came for dinner again yesterday and saw my new tweed mixes...and placed his order...

Mixing a plain DK with a 3ply sock yarn, all in SC work back and forth using  4mm hook
Chain 70 join into a circle (Be careful not to twist the chain)
ROW 1: SC in every st
repeat row one working it back and forth not just on one side, until it is long enough for the head it's made for, for this one i worked 19 ROWS
Divided it into 4 equal sections and decreased 4 stitches every round until only 4 stitches remaining 
sew hole together
Add pompom....leaving the choice to James
If it needs to be bigger you can just go up a hook size or two or just add stitches either will work

Having made this one l would try working the next from the top down

PROMISE 1: Progress
 only half done because l made James' hat last night
Adding a 2" band of stripes 2 rows of SC for each stripe in pairs of colours 

Decided to make this blanket in bands of pattern so l don't get bored with it and can do something new for each band, just keeping the same colour palete

My wonderful OH bought me a very unexpected present for Christmas...so pleased with it l cried a little
I couldn't wait to add a book or two and the first one l bought was an 
Still working out what l can and can't do with it. Aren't l a lucky girl?
Love, love ,love it..Thank you Phil you're a darling xx

Any one got one? Any tips?..please let me know 

Vision without action is merely a dream. 
Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!
Joel Arthur Baker

Have Fun


  1. Lovely Beanie Pattern - just what I need for my nephew. I got a Kindle from my two boys last Xmas but must admit to not using it to its full extent since I still love going to my local libraries and choosing 'real' books! You can upload loads of free books though which is always a bonus!Enjoy.x

  2. I haven't ever made a beanie this way round - I usually work from the top down. Maybe interesting to try it this way. What a great present to get! Mich :)

  3. The beanie looks cool!

    Can you explain to me your Bands of Pattern blanket. It looks really interesting and like it would be fun to do.

    I am trying to decide how to make a fun and unique cover for my iPad. I have a kindle app so I must go look up crochet books to buy! :D

    <3 Jenn

  4. I've had mine for a year now and love it ....
    I put pdfs on but not craft reference books on, neither pattern books. As it's not in colour, I find I loose the essence of the books...but I always have it in my bag....marvelous!! Enjoy x