21 May 2012

Noo Noo's New Throne in disguise as a buddy seat in the camper


Morning and thanks for all the lovely comments......good to hear from you all
Bit of a set back this morning after a great day yesterday....laptop has lost it's screen just a blackness staring back at me.......GREAT HEY?

Phil found a cable and plugged me into the 40" TV so now l am sitting on the floor with a dead leg looking up at the big Telly and trying to use my blacked out laptop...another expense I could really really do without right now...repair or new laptop is the question?
Any way sharing the new throne Phil made for Noo Noo yesterday and I made a seat for it so it can go incognito lol hope you like it?

 thanks again for all the messages off to make a decision about not eating for a month as I need a new laptop or live with a dead leg on the floor in front of the big TV!!!!!......lol

hugs to all x 

1 comment:

  1. Loving the classy seat cover ... the colours are gorgeous - shame you can't sit on that to work on the telli and avoid the deadleg!