08 March 2013

Hi.....we eventually got home

Hi everyone......a lot of catching up to do, a week late in getting home. Phil was hospitalised two days before the end of our cruise with pneumonia, I was found an apartment close to the hospital we only got the certificate to fly on Wednesday and a flight home last night was eventually found for us.....certainly a holiday to remember!
CATCH UP AS SOON AS I CAN....hugs to all x


  1. Oh no, Sue! That sounds terribly stressful! I rather imagine you're BOTH very glad to be back in familiar territory and in your own bed! I hope healing is coming along quickly. Take care and stay strong. Blog land will be here when your time is your own again. Big hug, Annette

  2. WHOA!! O_O I'm so sorry to hear this!! I'm glad you're both home though!...Rest!!!